The Midnight Club Season 2 Release Date: How Well Did the Midnight Club Perform on Netflix?

Due to Netflix canceling The Midnight Club in December 2022, there will be no season 2. Plans to continue the series indefinitely, thus this is bad news. Co-creator Mike Flanagan stated at a press conference attended by Teen Vogue, “This [series] was supposed to be continuous.”

The Midnight Club Season 2 Release Date: Has the Midnight Club Been Renewed for Season 2?

As disappointing as it may be, we finally have an answer to this pressing question. After Mike and his producing partner Trevor Macy left Netflix for an exclusive, multiyear series production deal with Amazon Studios, the streaming service announced on December 1 that it would not renew The Midnight Club for a second season.

Should We Have Seen This Coming Sooner?

Even while we were keeping our fingers crossed that the program would be renewed, Mike did give us the impression that he had our backs if the show wasn’t picked up.

This was intended to be continuing,” he told reporters in a Midnight Club Q&A back in October. To be honest, I have no idea. We’ll see how things go, and Netflix’s plans won’t be clear for at least another month or so. We also failed to resolve some of the season’s most pressing issues.

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The season finale was supposed to be when we finally got those answers. In the absence of such a resource, I will tweet them out. So long as we’re all on the same page, we can at least discuss it. Even if he didn’t release them on Twitter as promised, the director nonetheless kept his word and put them up on Tumblr.

How Well Did the Midnight Club Perform on Netflix?

Let’s dive into how the streamer is doing, as that is probably the deciding factor in whether or not we get a renewal.

We haven’t seen a less successful debut weekend for a Netflix show in quite some time. Netflix’s official data only shows that it was viewed for a total of 18.79M hours over the world.

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Here is how it ranks among dramas airing in 2022 if we compare it to them:

  • Over the first three days, The Lincoln Lawyer earned $45.09 million.
  • Three-day total for The Sandman: $69,481,000
  • To date, 16.66M have joined the Partner Track in the first three days.
  • Our top 10 assessment for the week of October 9th labeled it a flop due to its dismal opening
  • weekend performance, noting that it had fewer CVEs (Complete Viewings Equivalent) than Dive
  • Club, Partner Track, and Archive 81, but better than Brand New Cherry Flavor and Cowboy Bebop.

After three weeks in Netflix’s top 10, the show completely disappeared. The show was watched 90.31 million hours on Netflix between October 2, 2022, and October 23, 2022.

However, between weeks 2 and 3, The Midnight Mass suffered an almost 60% decline in viewership. In the past, a decline of that magnitude meant that a Netflix Original was doomed to cancellation.

According to FlixPatrol’s Top 10 Netflix shows, there was a significant increase in viewers during week 2, but that number substantially decreased during week 3. This trend is consistent with the viewing hours data.

The show only ranked as the 18th most watched on the service on day 1. By the second day, it had climbed to position #5. On day 3, it ranked fourth, and on day 4 (which is outside the aforementioned metric), it reached second place.

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According to objective measures, The Midnight Club was Flanagan’s least successful production to date.

According to Google Trends, it only attracted 34% of the interest Midnight Mass had a year earlier.

What Else is Mike Working on?

What can I say? He’s adapting Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher for the streaming service Netflix. However, a source connected to the project told Variety that the show “will be a standalone series and will not have any link to past [Flanagan] shows.” This has led some to speculate that it could be the third installment of The Haunting…

Mike has also been tapped to helm a film adaptation of Christopher Pike’s The Season of Passage and is now developing the Netflix series Something is Killing the Children based on the comic book of the same name. The Midnight Club may be over, but we can expect a flood of new work from him in the future.

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