Ningen Fushin Episode 3 Release Date: What Will Happen Next in Ningen Fushin Episode 3?

Ningen Fushin has been making waves in the anime community. Despite being in the early stages of the anime, it has proven incredibly engaging. Seeing where the anime goes from here should be spectacular.

In the third episode of Ningen Fushin, viewers will see the team members working together to strengthen the unit. The error Nick makes causes him to act erroneously. In this episode, however, we’ll watch him attempt to fix the mishap. Before the episode airs, here are all the details you absolutely must know.

A new group, dubbed “The Survivors,” was formed in the previous episode. The concern that arises, though, is how long the Survivors will be able to work together before they break up. The group was also observed attempting to do some teambuilding exercises. What effect, if any, do these outings have on the team’s cohesiveness? In such a case, read on to learn more.

What is Ningen Fushin About?

Adapted from Shinta Fuji’s original light novel series, Studio Geek Toys’ upcoming Ningen Fushin: Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save the World is an epic fantasy action adventure.

Nick, a seasoned adventurer, is the protagonist of this anime. After his party completes a perilous expedition and a huge sum of money is taken, Nick is exiled from the gang.

Nick’s melancholy at being abandoned by his party lifts as he encounters three would-be adventurers in a small tavern.

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After a night of heavy drinking, the four adventurers establish their party as they share experiences of being abandoned by their previous parties.

Ningen Fushin Episode 3 Release Date

On January 17, 2023, at 9 p.m. JST, the next episode will premiere. The anime series is currently available for streaming on Disney+ and other sites. Keep reading Jerseyshorevibe for the latest information.

Previous Episode Recap!

The second installment of Ningen Fushin was titled, “The Ultimate Party Is Formed? Survivors!” Nick, having learned Curran’s backstory, names his new team Survivors. The group settles on a set of regulations that forbids anyone less than a unanimous vote from receiving team compensation.

As a brand-new squad, they begin at the lowest possible classification, G. Trust between the squad members eventually breaks out after Tiana fires a spell at Curran by accident.

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Later, the group defeats the Dungeon Boss, a colossal slime, thanks in large part to Tiana’s efforts. Nick advises that they do a team-building activity to bond as a group. Also, Tiana tells Curran the truth about her flaws and virtues, which makes Curran feel more compassionate toward her. Nick accidentally dropped and shattered a significant charm from Curran’s luggage towards the end of the episode.

What Will Happen Next in Ningen Fushin Episode 3?

Curran’s Secret is the title of next week’s episode. Nick’s group, who called themselves the Survivors, had already begun working together. The squad as a whole, however, struggled with trust concerns.

Find out in Episode 3 of Ningen Fushin if the team members can work through their trust concerns and how they ultimately decide to handle these situations. Furthermore, they will gradually become more honest with one another, sharing both their achievements and their failures. Members will share more of their innermost thoughts and experiences.

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Tiana had also fired a spell by accident, causing even more suspicion and animosity among the group. In next week’s episode, we’ll find out how the group deals with and gets through these negative emotions. It will be fascinating to see how Curran and Tiana deal with the ogre they meet, as well as the consequences of Nick’s careless handling of the special charm.

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