The Todoroki Brothers’ Tragic Relationship: Toya’s Attempts to Kill Shoto in My Hero Academia!

The Todoroki family is one of the most interesting groups of people in My Hero Academia. Because of how their past traumas and experiences are linked, it is very hard to figure out what kind of relationship they have.

In My Hero Academia, the dysfunctional nature of the Todoroki family as a whole is best shown by the relationship between Toya and Shoto Todoroki. Endeavor put pressure on both of his wayward sons when they were young because he wanted to reach his goal of being stronger than All Might.

Unfortunately, this led to one of the most interesting and even dangerous relationships between brothers in the whole series.Academia

Follow along as this article goes into detail about how many times Toya Todoroki, also known as “Dabi,” tried to kill his younger brother Shoto in the anime My Hero .

The Todoroki Brothers’ Tragic Relationship: Toya’s Attempts to Kill Shoto in My Hero Academia

Before the first book in the My Hero Academia series came out, when Shoto was born, Toya was afraid that his father’s love and attention would be mostly taken away from him. This is because Shoto was the heir Endeavor had always wanted, with the perfect mix of his own Quirk and that of his mother, Rei.

After an argument in which Toya said he couldn’t just give up the goal of surpassing All Might, he got angry, turned on his Quirk, and sent flames at Shoto. This was the first time Toya tried to kill his own brother. He was stopped before he could hurt Shoto or anyone else.

The next one would happen a few years after the first one when the My Hero Academia series began.

During the Forest Training Camp arc, when Dabi and his group were trying to get away, Shoto and some other students tried to stop them. Even though Shoto’s arrival didn’t seem to bother him, his first move after that was to throw a fireball at his younger brother.

Toya tried to kill Shoto, but he failed, and it’s possible that he wasn’t going after Shoto in particular but rather the students as a whole. Even though she didn’t seem to care, there’s no doubt that Toya was at least trying to use the situation to get back at Endeavor by killing Shoto.

Toya try to kill Shoto
Toya try to kill Shoto

The second attempt on Shoto’s life happened during My Hero Academia‘s Paranormal Liberation War arc, which just ended in the anime. Here, fans and Endeavor and Shoto find out that Toya Todoroki is really Dabi.

After Dabi tells him who he is, he starts fighting with Shoto right away, planning to kill him in front of Endeavor. He’s almost there. He’s already beaten Shoto, and he’s about to use a Prominence Burn to kill the rest of them. Shoto and the other Pro Heroes were about to die, but Best Jeanist saved their lives at the last second.

Shoto and Toya keep fighting, even after Jeanist tries to stop them. Each seems to be using all of their firepowers to kill the other. Shoto gets knocked out when Toya is too strong for him, giving him the chance to finally get his revenge. Thanks to the way the war was going at the time, Toya and the other bad guys had to run away, which saved Shoto’s life.

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This brings My Hero Academia fans to the Final War arc, which is being told in the manga right now. In this scene, Shoto decides to fight Toya himself because he knows his father won’t be able to. After being taken to Kamino, the two start fighting, and Shoto’s ice Quirk makes it look like he has the upper hand.

Toya, on the other hand, uses all of his firepowers to try to kill Shoto. He literally burns his own flesh and life away to do this. He eventually turns into what other characters call a “burning corpse” who fights without thinking to try to beat Shoto. He tries to kill Shoto but fails, so he gives up and goes to where Endeavor is.

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