Velma Episode 3 Release Date: What Will Happen Next?

All of the first season’s episodes continue to be discussed in the media, despite rumors and updates about the upcoming second season. Velma Episode 3 is finally being out this week, as planned. Also, this is the show when they try to figure out what happened to Fred.

Velma was investigating the circumstances surrounding Fred’s arrest. Daphne, however, seems intent on turning this unfortunate circumstance into a financial windfall. What follows is an extremely efficient rundown of the third episode’s essentials.

This next episode will give viewers a chance to catch up on some compelling storylines from previous episodes. First, Daphne will look at the documents she brought Velma. But it’s unclear why exactly her mom visited Fred at his place. A time will come when every stone will have shifted.

Velma Episode 3 Release Date

There will be no delay in the new one being released to fans. Thus, the next episode will air in the next two days. The third episode of Velma will premiere on January 19, 2023.

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The only place where fans can see the entire anime series is on HBO Max’s official website. Any new information will be added to this area. As a result, check back regularly with The Anime Daily to learn everything you need to know.

Velma Episode 3: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode’s title is already out there for all to see. Consequently, “Velma Kai” will be the next title. The term “Kai” can have various meanings. However, its most prevalent and crucial meaning is “Shell” in Japanese.


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Additionally, it can refer to the person responsible for safeguarding a set of keys. Velma Episode 3 will begin with Velma reading and going through the files that Daphne has given to her.

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In all likelihood, there are documents left behind by her mother. According to the papers, Fred’s arrest is based only on the fact that his mother’s phone rang last at his residence. It is also unclear what is causing Daphne to have hallucinations. Insight into what is behind the surface of the stories unfolding will be fascinating.

Previous Episode Recap!

Velma’s second installment was titled “The Candy.” As a bonus, HBO has already unveiled the names of all nine next episodes. To begin this episode, Velma approached Daphne and requested a file. However, the woman insisted that she wouldn’t give it to her unless she was paid $500.


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Norville, on the other hand, is doing everything in his power to maximize his financial gain. On the other hand, he concludes that material success isn’t as important as garnering people’s affection.

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In the next segment, we see Daphne finally open up to Velma about why she got into the drug business in the first place. There is once again mutual trust between them.


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After that, Velma begs her to testify on Fred’s behalf. When Daphne gave Velma the file, the episode ended. The information in the file has the potential to completely alter the story.

How to Watch Velma Episode 3?

The third episode of Velma is exclusive to HBO Max. The date of its scheduled premiere on the channel, for the benefit of all eager viewers, is listed. The cheapest platform package is just $9.99 per month. It’s also upgradable so that those pesky commercial breaks can be eliminated.

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