Bake Squad Season 2 Release Date: What Can We Expect From Bake Squad Season 2?

Bake Squad is back and is fulfilling the chocolatey, ganache-filled, sprinkle-topped desires of a few special someones. The show’s host Christina Tosi, who founded the bakery chain Milk Bar, is back along with her team of experts in delectable desserts.

For a select group of lucky customers, the bakers are making custom-made s’mores-filled balloons, edible trophy cases, volcano cakes, and tonnes of chocolate sculptures this season.

Bake Squad Season 2 Release Date: When It Will Be Renewed?

A new season of the well-liked television program Bake Squad is coming. The eagerly anticipated series will return with a follow-up, which is scheduled to debut on Netflix on January 20, 2023. The first run of the new season ended successfully in August 2021, according to news of it. Four bakers will compete in the series to create mouthwatering desserts for a special occasion, and the finest dish will be chosen.

Bake Squad Season 2 Cast Members: Who Are in It?

Christina Tosi, the originator of Milk Bar, will host Bake Squad for a second season. Four talented and competitive bakers—cake decorator Ashley Holt, pastry chefs Christophe Rull and Maya-Camille Broussard, and chocolatier Gonzo Jimenez—will also be included in the popular Netflix series. There won’t be any elimination rounds, but the experts will compete in every show.

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Because of the series’ enormous popularity with viewers and the success of its debut episode, the creators have decided to give fans a brand-new season. The scrumptious meals that the bakers have in store for the show’s viewers this season won’t be revealed to them until later.

What Can We Expect From Bake Squad Season 2?

The first season of Bake Squad included some delectable treats that left viewers hankering for more. The first episode of the baking series featured several memorable desserts, such as a chocolate drum set, a bus-shaped velvet cake, a ball pit cake, and a candy claw machine. The bakers will be put to the test with more astounding delicacies this season.


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“All four of the Squad’s founding members are back and eager for more after baking up a storm in season one! The skilled bakers transform sweets into show-stopping centerpieces for someone’s extra-special big day using next-level concepts and epic execution.”

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The host, Christina Tosi, who is renowned for having created her empire of delectable cookie dough, selected each member of the Bake Squad. With “exploding cakes to a gigantic cheesecake tower and an edible life-size piano,” the bakers will take their delicacies to the next level this season. Bakers are prepared to “use all of your resources to make desserts that are above your wildest dreams.


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Like the first season, the new one will include eight episodes. Throughout the season, each episode will last roughly 35 to 40 minutes and feature the bakers producing flawless delicacies. On the official Netflix website and Netflix app, viewers can stream the episodes.

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Yasmin Shackleton, the show’s creator, spoke candidly about the upcoming season:

We at the old school have always wanted to have a returning series on Netflix, so we are thrilled to be returning with the same stellar cast that helped the first season become such a blockbuster success. We’re stepping it up in our second season with even more impressive and cutting-edge works that will wow viewers.

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