Mou Ippon Episode 4 Release Date: When Will The Episode 4 be Come Out?

Mou Ippon is often referred to as (Ippon yet again! Next week will see the release of Episode 4. Since October 2018, Yu Muraoka’s manga series Ippon Again has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion, the shonen manga magazine published by Akita Shoten. As of January 2023, twenty-one volumes of tankbon had been collected. The anime television adaptation of Bakken Record was broadcast in January 2023.

In this narrative, Michi decides to give up judo after competing in one final event after losing an embarrassing final round. She won’t have time to compete in her favorite martial art due to social obligations and entrance examinations.

Towa, the girl who defeated Michi in her final fight, rediscovers her passion for judo upon meeting her new classmate. She desires to establish a judo club at her school but requires new members to do it. They will combine their passions and score another ippon, unified by their love of judo! Find out when episode 4 of Mou Ippon will air, its cast, a review of episode 3, and where to watch it.

Release Date: When will Mou Ippon Episode 4 Come Out?

Mou Ippon Episode 4 is set to come out on Monday, January 30, 2023. Let’s look at when Mou Ippon Episode 4 airs in different places:

Pacific Daylight Time Central Daylight Time Eastern Daylight Time Indian Standard Time Singapore Standard Time Japanese Standard Time Hong Kong Standard Time Beijing Standard Time
08:35 AM (29 January 2023, Sunday) 10:30 AM (29 January 2023, Sunday) 11:35 AM (29 January 2023, Sunday) 10:05 PM (29 January 2023, Sunday) 12:35 AM (30 January 2023, Monday) 01:35 AM (30 January 2023, Monday) 12:35 AM (30 January 2023, Monday) 12:35 AM (30 January 2023, Monday)

Story of Mou Ippon Season1

Michi decides to stop doing judo after he competes in his last match and loses in a heartbreaking way. Since she will have to spend most of her time on extracurriculars and college applications, she will only be able to train in the kind of martial arts she likes the most. Still, it is normal for people to find new interests and hobbies as time goes on.

Mou Ippon Episode 4 Release Date
Mou Ippon Episode 4 Release Date

Michi’s love for judo hasn’t faded, and her friendship with Towa, the new girl in school and the one who beat Michi in their last fight, has reignited it. Tawa has said that he would like to start a judo club at their school. Even so, she will still need extra help to do that. They decided to work together because they both love judo and are excited to bring their skills and interests to the mat to get another ippon.

Cast: Who Will Star in Mou Ippon Episode 4?

The anime’s voice performers include Aya Sait as Michi Sonoda, Sanae Takigawa as Yukari Anzai, Chiyuki Miura as Towa Hiura, and Nene Hieda as Anna Nagumo. Ken Ogiwara, the anime director for Yuri For Ice, Fairy Tail, and Black Butler of the Atlantic Movie, worked as a photographer on Yu Muraoka’s Ippon Again series.

Mou Ippon Episode 4 Release Date
Mou Ippon Episode 4 Release Date

He directed the series for the first time as a single director, with Airi Takekawa and Bakken Record handling character design and animation, respectively. Pony Canyon, a music production firm, will be responsible for the music, while Shun Narita will be in charge of the composition.

Reviews of Mou Ippon Episode 4

In this episode, there was a lot of good growth. Nothing seemed rushed, and there was enough information to understand what was going on. I’m excited about episode four because I think we’ll learn more about what happened before and see some great matches as the tournament starts.

In a sports anime, it’s important for the main characters and their opponents to feel like real people. You have to want them to do well. The backstories of all three girls have been well-written, showing who they are and what they have been through.

Mou Ippon Episode 4 Release Date
Mou Ippon Episode 4 Release Date

Adding a bad guy just makes the story more interesting. But will she stay one, or will she be like Haikyuu and do something that makes you like them in the end? Since there are no bad guys in sports, only people who want to win as much as the main characters, this would be a great show.

The time Nagumo and Towa spent together on the train was also sweet. She wants her friends to know how good it feels to win, so telling her to take them to new heights is a way for her to show how much she cares about them. I think she wanted them to learn Kendo because she knows how to do it well and wanted to teach them.

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Trailer of Mou Ippon Episode 4

Unfortunately, there is no promo for episode 4 of the popular fantasy show, which will disappoint its fans. But this doesn’t mean that people can’t still enjoy the show. The season 1 trailer can be used by anyone who wants to see a sneak peek of what’s to come in this next installment. The trailer gives an overview of the season’s characters, plot points, and world-building.

Where to Watch Mou Ippon Episode 4

Japanese fans can view Mou Ippon Episode 4 on networks such as AT-X, Tokyo MX, TV Tokyo, KBS Kyoto, and TVA. Mou Ippon Episode 4 may be viewed internationally on HIDIVE and for free on Muse India’s YouTube account. On the same platforms, you can also watch past episodes of the Mou Ippon anime.

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