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Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Release Date: Who Are in This Episode?

Poppy Parnell, a journalist from San Francisco, launches a true crime podcast in the first season that investigates whether Warren Cave, a man she helped put away on murder charges in 1999 involving a Stanford professor named Chuck Buhrman, was wrongfully convicted.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Release Date

Episode 3 of Season 3 is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on February 3, 2023. The drop will occur at 02:00 AM PT. Here She Shall See No Enemy,” the third episode, will air for 47 minutes.

Where to Watch Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3?

On the aforementioned date, subscribers to Apple TV+ can watch Episode 3 of Season 3 of Truth Be Told.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3 Cast Members

Take a look at the cast members below:

  • Octavia Spencer
  • Haneefah Wood
  • David Lyons
  • Gabriel Union
  • Mekhi Phifer
  • Tracie Thoms

In this sequel, Octavia Spencer reprises her role as podcast host Poppy Parnell. Parnell is well-known for her investigative skills on the show, and she is willing to put herself in harm’s way to find the truth. Season 3 is expected to be her most challenging case to date as she investigates the disappearance of many children in Oakland.

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The book “Are You Sleeping,” by Kathleen Barber, from which “Truth Be Told” was adapted, also follows Parnell as she causes a media frenzy by airing a massively popular podcast that reopens ancient murders.

What is “Truth Be Told” About?

The official AppleTV synopsis reads, “This NAACP Image Award-Winning drama stars Octavia Spencer as a podcaster who risks everything, even her life, to pursue truth and justice.”

What Can We Expect From Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 3?

Seemingly, Trey is complicit in this sex trafficking operation, and he maintains video footage of the sexual acts for himself. However, this still doesn’t explain why Trini and Aubrey’s names appear in the files.


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Perhaps they stayed at the motel to avoid their parents, and Trey happened to secretly film their stay. As for Markus, he’ll be having some harsh words for both of the teenagers. Even though Aames has apprehended a prostitute, she won’t betray her pimp.

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Also, very little evidence is being revealed, so Trey might be arrested as well. Hopefully, they’ll be able to put an end to his business and keep him behind bars for the rest of his criminal life. Poppy’s collaboration with Markus and Eva at work will carry on. Eva appears to know more than she is disclosing. As the season continues, maybe Eva may have more information for Poppy.

Truth Be Told Season 1 Recap

Author and professor Chuck Buhrman are found stabbed to death by his wife Erin and children Lanie and Josie the morning after their annual Halloween party. When Lanie sees Warren Cave, the son of the neighbors’ couple, 16, jumping over the hedge, and his fingerprints are later discovered in the Buhrman home, his destiny is sealed.

Young Warren is tried as an adult and sentenced to life in jail at the tender age of 17 after being portrayed as a cold-blooded killer by the media (most notably through stories written by Poppy, a budding journalist).

But after watching Lanie’s statement on tape 19 years later, Poppy begins to have doubts that the young girl wasn’t telling the truth. She feels compelled to reevaluate the situation because the murder weapon was never found.


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Poppy approaches Warren and his dying mother Melanie and begins a podcast series to discuss her findings. We also see that she is largely motivated by her regret at having portrayed Warren as a monster in her writings all those years ago, a feeling that is only exacerbated by her discovery that he is now a Nazi. Even after Owen, Warren’s father approaches her and asks her not to reopen old wounds, she continues with her inquiry.

Poppy finds out that Owen’s alibi is shaky and that his wife was having an affair with the victim as her investigation progresses. She makes the revelation on her podcast, which leads to Owen’s suspension from his position as chief of police and the subsequent separation from his wife. By the time he learns that it wasn’t Owen who killed Chuck, the sad guy has already broken into Poppy’s house and shot himself in front of her.

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After a brief reprieve, Poppy once again suspects Warren. Lanie’s mother, Chuck’s wife Erin, is initially presumed to have murdered her husband to protect her daughter until it is revealed in Lanie’s childhood journal that she was regularly abused by her father. The widow’s alibi is also discredited, and Poppy succeeds in getting her to come clean on the podcast.


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But Erin is slain by her daughter, Lanie, who gives her a lethal dose of Fentanyl. It becomes even more apparent that Lanie gave her mother the lethal dose when she is fired from her work as an end-of-life carer for inappropriate behavior and taking her client’s drugs.

In addition to a diagnosis of insanity and an unhealthy preoccupation with her sister, Lanie’s mental health records from the period show that her counselor felt she was lying about being molested to drive a wedge between her sister Josie and their father.

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