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Women at War season 2 Release Date: Has Netflix Renewed Women at War for a Second Season?

Women at War, a Netflix period piece that debuted on January 19, 2023, quickly rose to the top 10. Women at War, a historical drama directed by Alexandre Laurent, takes place in France during World War I. The drama’s storyline chronicles the lives of four separate women who come to a point where their stories begin to converge as they attempt to deal with the devastating effects of the war at home.

A superb cast of French performers, including Audrey Fleurot, Sofia Essadi, Julie De Bona, and Camille Lou, are featured in the program. The official plot summary for the French drama is as follows:

France in 1914 Four women are forced to deal with the disastrous effects of war at home as the German army advance and the men head for the front lines.

Has Netflix Renewed Women at War for a Second Season?

As of the time this article was written, Netflix had not picked up the historical drama for a second season. The likelihood of a second season is “low to none,” claims Netflix Life. The reason is that any period drama is frequently advertised as a limited series, meaning the show will only have one season.

Additionally, the final eight episodes of the first season were successful in tying up all the loose ends. Having said that, unless they add a fresh line of content, the second season does not leave much room for the tale to continue.


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The lead actresses are also working on other projects. For example, Fleurot will be working on the miniseries Infiltré (e). The series is anticipated to debut in 2023, though the precise date has not yet been disclosed. Additionally, Lou will appear in the comedy Chasse Gardée, which is scheduled for release in 2023.

Women at War Season 2 Release Date: When It Will Be Renewed?

Netflix has not yet confirmed whether or not there would be a second season as of January 20. The likelihood of a second season is, however, very low to nonexistent. The historical drama is advertised as a limited series, which means it will only run once.

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In other words, there will be only one season of the program. The storyline of the show concluded in the final episode of the series, thus there isn’t much more to be told in a follow-up.


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Despite the likelihood that Women at War won’t return for a second season, fans may still anticipate the principal actors’ forthcoming ventures. Infiltré, a miniseries, will feature Fleurot (e). Although the precise release date hasn’t been disclosed, it’s anticipated to occur in 2023. Additionally, Lou will appear in the comedy Chasse Gardée. It is also anticipated to release in 2023.

Women at War Cast Members: Who Are in It?

Several accomplished performers in significant parts are featured in the film Women at War. Audrey Fleurot, who plays the part of Marguerite de Lancaster, is one of them. She is one of four ladies who are each coping differently with the harsh effects of the war.

Fans can anticipate that she will play a big part in the plot even though not much more information about her character is currently revealed. Fleurot looks extremely great in the sneak peek of the movie and promises to give a strong performance in the play.


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Audrey Felurot has acted in several episodes and movies in addition to Women at War, including The Intouchables, Kaamelott, and Un village français, to mention a few.

In Women at War, Julie De Bona plays Mère Supérieure Agnès. Although specifics regarding her persona are presently being closely guarded, fans can anticipate that she will play a crucial part in the show.

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Je l’aime à mentir, Je déteste les enfants des autres, Le Bazar de la Charité, among many other notable film and television roles held by De Bona. Camille Lou, Sofia Essadi, Sandrine Bonnaire, and numerous other actors make up the rest of the cast.

What is the Women at War Season 2 Plotline?

The show’s plot revolves around the lives of four women. 1914 is the year depicted in the series. In the series, you’ll see some amazing historical events.

Speaking of the second season now;

According to reports, Women At War Season 2 will be released, but you will need to wait until 2025 since you have to be patient because good things take time. The renewal of the series is still in the planning stages, but you can anticipate hearing anything before the year’s end.

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Audrey Fleurot, Julie de Bona, Camille Lou, Sofia Essaidi, Sandrine Bonnaire, Tcheky Karyo, Laurent Gerra, Tom Leeb, Yannick Choirat, and Gregoire Colin all play significant roles in the series cast.

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