I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2: Will It Be Renewed Or Not?

We have all the news about the second season of the action-adventure anime I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger.

The story of Al Wayne is told in I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger. Wayne is a young man who has a dream that goes against what his friends want. He wants to become a farmer and be the best at what he does. His dream comes true, but something strange happens. Wayne’s problems keep getting worse even though everything should be fine. How is he going to handle them?

I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger was shown to the public for the first time on October 1, 2022. At the time of this writing, there has been 1 Season with 12 episodes. We think it should be easy for you to finish each chapter in one day since it takes 23 minutes. I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger has people like Junya Enoki, Rumi Okubo, Minami Tanaka, and Ayaka Suwa doing the voices.

Let’s talk about when Season 2 of I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger will come out and everything else about the show.

What is The Story of I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger?

Al Wayne’s main goal is to become a successful farmer, which has always been his dream. He works hard to be the best farmer and get a name for himself as a first-rate cultivator. Al’s stats will improve a lot when he reaches this goal, making him stronger than even legendary heroes from the past.

I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2
I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2

As soon as the royal family finds out about his abilities, they ask him to help them fight against a growing number of disasters that started happening around the same time he regained his real power. Al isn’t sure what to do, but he knows that he has to do everything he can to keep danger away from his valuable fields.

Release Date of I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2

We hate to break it to you, but no firm date for the release of I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2 has been announced by A-CAT or any other production company. However, there are various reasons for this, which we believe you are aware of.

First and foremost, I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger did not receive the anticipated attention from the audience. It even has a lot of negative feedback. It has a very low evaluation score on platforms such as IMDb, and it did not make the top 10,000 on the existing anime evaluation list.

I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2
I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2

Another factor is a little more indirect. I’ve Somehow Got Stronger is a book-based anime. Normally, after an anime is released, sales of the book or manga that inspired it to rise. The audience who is watching and enjoying the show also wants to see the primary plot inspired by the show. The I’ve Somehow Got Stronger anime, on the other hand, appears to have made no contribution to the text in this area.

As a result of all of this, we can conclude that the likelihood of I’ve Somehow Got Stronger Season 2 is quite low. Despite these concerns, if the production firm treats the anime with caution, I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2 could reach its audience by the end of 2025.

Cast of I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2

Fans of I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills are eagerly awaiting the renewal or cancellation of season 2 since the first season was so good. But as of now, the producers haven’t said anything official about it.

I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2
I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2

So far, all we have are rumors and guesses about who will be in the cast for season 2 and what roles they will play. We will have to wait to find out who will be in the second season and what surprises are in store. There are some well-known and talented actors in the show, such as

Lean, Helen Ookubo, Rumi
Ruri Suwa, Ayaka
Wayne, Al Enoki, Junya
Ys Meigis, Fal Tanaka, Minami
Albie Tamura, Mutsumi
Cecil Okamoto, Nobuhiko

Review of I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2

Let’s talk about the first season of I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger in terms of a few main themes. If we look at the story in a way we don’t understand, Al Wayne suddenly learns skills and becomes a successful farmer.

Instead, wouldn’t it be better if we could see how he changed, what he went through, and how hard this path was for him? In this way, we both pull ourselves away from reality and out of the story, so we don’t know what’s going on. On top of that, we are tested with a common saying: “When Wayne becomes a successful farmer, girls flock to him.” Wouldn’t it be much better to pick a different situation? Sick of these old sayings?

I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2

In the last episode, we saw a conflict that was completely made up. If it had been handled in a much better, more legendary way, it might have been the season finale of an anime that got off to a bad start, but the story doesn’t work for us in this way.

Even though we watch them with subtitles, I think the voice actors are also important. I also thought the voice actors did a good job, even though they have nothing to do with the anime.

But the people they voice are so empty that I’m sure they thought about it while they were doing it. We don’t really get to know the characters, and we don’t know anything about their pasts. If we can’t get close to them, the story’s continuity won’t matter much to us. We think this is the most important thing that the people who made I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger forgot.

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We hope that I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2 will reach its target audience and not make the same mistakes as Season 1.

Ratings of I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2 Release Date
Season 2 of I’ve Somehow Become Stronger After Improving My Farm-Related Skills: Renewed or Cancelled? The show’s ratings could be improved. The show has just an 8.7/10 rating on IMDb and a 5.89/10 rating on MyAnimelist.

Where to Watch I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2

Fans can watch I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger on a platform called HIDIVE. We know of a platform that most of you don’t know about. It’s not as easy to use as Netflix, but it’s still a good platform. We think that I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger Season 2 will also be available on HIDIVE unless we hear otherwise.

We hope that Season 2 of I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger will be on a platform like Netflix so that it will get more viewers and won’t be hard for people to watch. Let’s see what happens!

Final Words

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