Physical 100 Episode 4 Release Date: Who Will Feature in Episode 3 and 4?

This reality program from South Korea is called Physical: 100, and it features some of the best athletes in the country, including Olympic medalists, military experts, world-class weightlifters, and more. The games of elimination are intriguing because they test the limits of the competitors’ bodies.

In the first two episodes, we watched competitors play a few intense games of keep-the-ball in two distinct stadiums and strive to be the last one dangling over a pit of water, all of which tested different parts of agility and fitness.

However, they did leave us on a cliffhanger, so you might be ready to watch the upcoming episodes right away.

Information on when, where, and how to watch Episodes 3 and 4 of Season 1 of Physical: 100 is provided below.

Physical 100 Episode 4 Release Date

Physical: 100 On Tuesday, January 31, episodes 3 and 4 of Season 1 will be made available to the public. New episodes of Netflix original programs typically debut at 12 am PT/8 am GMT around the world.

How Many Episodes Will Physical 100 Season 1 Have?

Throughout the remaining 9 episodes of Physical: 100 Season 1, we will see the remaining 100 contestants eliminated (including some well-known fitness superstars such special “Agent H” Hwang Ji-hoon).

Who Will Feature in Physical: 100 Episode 3 & 4?

Participants include prominent athletes such as gymnast Yang Hak-Seon, bodybuilder Ma Sun-ho, UDT reserve Hwang Ji, former fencer Kim Ye-Hyun, and reported trainer Bang Seong-hook.

Along with Florian, a German fitness model and TV celebrity, the cast also includes Kim Eun, a competitive fitness model and trainer; Jang Eun, a wrestler of 17 years; Kim Chun-ri; and BBULKUP, a person claiming to be the CEO of a food service firm.

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He started as a fitness buff but eventually came to prominence. He also helms a business and maintains a presence on YouTube. One of the other contenders is Shim Euddeum, a fitness YouTuber who has amassed 1.2 million followers.

Bodybuilder Jeong, wrestler Son Dong, travel YouTuber Tarzan, wrestler Son Hee-chan, and first-grade reservist Sergeant Kkang Mi are all among the top 100 contestants for the show.

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Cho Jung Myung, Park Jin Young, and Jang Seong-min, all members of the South Korean national teams in their respective sports, will compete alongside each other on the reality TV show. Cho Jung-Myung is scheduled to appear in the program. As a luger, he is a member of the national team.

In addition to him, we will see Jo Jin, a car salesman; Choi In-ho, a trainer; Jung H., a cyclist; and Cha Hyun-Seung, an actress from Single’s Inferno. Park Jung is a corrections officer with 17 years of expertise. In addition, cheerleader Jo Yeon Joo, age 24 years old, has joined the squad.

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Elaine, an actress from Singapore, will be there, as well as arm-wrestling champion Ha Je, mixed martial arts fighter Park Hyung-Geun, and the married bodybuilding duo Song A-rum and Kim Kang. Lee Dae, a Trot singer, will also be there.

Where to watch Physical 100 Episode 4?

The above-mentioned time is when fans all over the world may watch episodes three and four of Physical: 100 on Netflix. The OTT typically charges roughly $6 for a pack.

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