Shahmaran Season 2 Release Date: What Can Happen in Season 2?

Among Netflix’s many Turkish offerings is the new dark fantasy series Shahmaran. Sahsu, played by Serenay Sarikaya, is a doctoral student from Istanbul who travels to Adana to give a series of guest lectures at the university there. She becomes mixed up with a shadowy group there that thinks Sahsu has something to do with a mythological prophecy.

Shahmaran, which debuted on January 20 to much acclaim for its romantic and mystical undertones, is a clear example. Many fans are holding out hope for a second season of Shamaran, even though Netflix has yet to officially announce whether or not they will be renewing the show.

In total, Shahmaran has eight one-hour episodes accessible to watch right now on Netflix. People who have seen every episode will be curious about the show’s potential in the next season. We’ll discuss what we know about the show’s potential future on the service below.

Shahmaran Season 2 Release Date

Since there has been no confirmation of a second season of Shahmaran, we do not yet have a release date for it. There has been no cancellation or renewal of Shahmaran as of January 26th, 2023. Predicting when Netflix will renew a show, especially an international show, can be difficult.

The good news is that Shahmaran has been a hit with Netflix subscribers in its first week, rocketing to the Top 10 in multiple regions. Having a Netflix Original make it into the Top 10 chart in more than one country is a huge accomplishment.

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It usually takes Netflix a few weeks, sometimes even a few months, to decide whether or not to cancel or renew a subscription. It took more than a month for Netflix to confirm the return of even critically acclaimed shows like Wednesday. It will likely be March or April before we learn what happened to Shahmaran.

What Happened In Shahmaran Season 1?

When the story begins, Shahsu has just gotten off the train in Adana, a city in southern Turkey. She’s currently pursuing a doctorate and teaching as an adjunct. Shahsu has been invited to give a lecture at a university in Adana in his spare time.

Meeting his grandfather, Davut Demir, has been something she has been anticipating for quite some time. Davut deserted her mother, Gul. As with Shahsu, Gul’s husband had abandoned her, and the two women ended up living together.

shahmaran season 2 release date

When Shahsu mentions that her mother recently passed away, the narrative takes a sharp turn. She thinks it’s because she was adopted that her biological father never came back for her. Davut remains silent and does not explain his prior behavior.

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Shahsu relocates to live with her grandfather and meets a new neighbor named Maran. Maran appears to avoid her. As far as Shahsu is concerned, a Maran dressed in all black represents pure evil. Cihan, a young coworker who has love feelings for her, comes in and gives chase. Following the withdrawal from her medicine, Shahsu is confused and believes she is experiencing hallucinations.

A story of love, betrayal, and a curse has been told for generations.

What Can Happen In Shahmaran Season 2?

While we don’t know for sure what Season 2 of Shahmaran will entail, we can speculate about what will happen next in Shahsu’s journey. We don’t know how she’ll handle the stresses of her environment. What the new season brings should be entertaining. If there is a second season of Shahmaran, we can anticipate more of the same fantastic elements, such as treachery and curse.

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The success of the first season of Shahmaran is a key reason why viewers are anticipating the second.

Shahmaran Season 1 Cast Members

Take a look at the shahmaran cast below:

  • Serenay Sarikaya (Sahsu)
  • Mustafa Ugurlu (Davut)
  • Berfu Halisdemir (Diba)
  • Burak Deniz (Maran)
  • Mahir Günsiray (Ural)
  • Hakan Karahan (Lakmu)
  • Mehmet Bilge Aslan (Salih)
  • Nilay Erdönmez (Hare)
  • Nil Sude Albayrak (Bike)
  • Beran Soysal (Camsap)
  • Ebru Özkan (Çavges)
  • Ayse Lebriz Berkem (Tutku)
  • Mert Ramazan Demir (Cihan)
  • Elif Nur Kerkük (Medine)
  • Ece Ertez (Lilit)
  • Mert Dogan (Arun)
  • Ekin Gökgöz (Miraç)
  • Bayazit Gülercan (Tamar Dede)

How to Watch Shahmaran?

On January 20th, Netflix debuted all eight episodes of Shahmaran. If you have a Netflix account, you may watch the series right now.

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