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Revenger Episode 5 Love Never Dies Release Date: What Will Happen Next?

The otakus would once more be free from interruptions and delays. This is because Revenger Episode 5 Love Never Dies Release Date is being on screens without any delays. The murder of the mistress was the main focus of the most recent episode.

The decision to eliminate the woman sparked a lot of controversy and disagreement. Usui was finally chosen to complete the task. Is it feasible that something else is being tied to the strings of this task? Here is all the information you need to know about the new plot.

A new plotline and mission will become available to the Revengers in a future episode. There will be a point when certain team members disagree with the decision to murder people as a group. However, there is still time for this storyline.

Revenger Episode 5 Love Never Dies Release Date

The good news of the week is that the new one is still being released without a pause. For the time being, the anime’s reception has been respectable for the creators. The new chapter will therefore be released in the following two days. Revenger Episode 5’s official release date is February 2, 2023.

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Only the official Crunchyroll pages offer access to all of the anime’s episodes for fans. For all the latest information on this, therefore, keep it simple with jerseyshorevibe.

Previous Episode Recap!

Episode 4 of the Revenger was titled “Ask, and You Shall Receive.” Soji was trying to locate work for Kurima in the episode’s opening scene. However, the man’s only strategy was to join something in swordplay. On the other hand, following Sakata’s murder, Usui eventually turned in the assignment. But before the entire agreement came to a close, nothing was approved. It is known that the Revengers were aware of the mistress’ location.

Revenger Episode 5 Love Never Dies Release Date
Revenger Episode 5 Love Never Dies Release Date

Azumi was the main focus of the episode’s second half. This was one of the first occasions we realized he was also a skilled painter. The lad meets with the mistress right away and then informs the Revengers. The mistress’s death brings the episode to a close, and Kurima’s artwork is then highly valued on the market.

Revenger Episode 5: What Will Happen Next?

The next episode’s title is already known to the general audience. Additionally, we can infer from the trailer that this one’s title will be “Love Never Dies.” The mistress’s execution was completed. But there was something peculiar that no one could understand.

Revenger Episode 5 Love Never Dies Release Date

In Revenger Episode 5, the story will now diverge from this subplot. And the plotlines will continue until it is appropriate to reverse the cards.

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The focus of the upcoming chapter will be the auction where Kurima sold his intricate artwork. Usui eliminated the mistress, thus the youngster will undoubtedly receive some well-deserved compensation for his efforts. For the team as a whole, nevertheless, now is the moment to work on something intriguing and novel.

What do You Know About Revenger?

Nitroplus and Shochiku’s newest original animation is called Revenger. It centers on a swordsman who is on the prowl for vicious people.

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The plot and other specifics haven’t been discussed much yet. “I chop down individuals to struggle against a horrible fate,” the hero’s catchphrase reads.


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