Westworld Season 4 Episode 6 Release Date: What Happened in Episode 5?

The park has been repainted, the characters have been updated, and the ratios have been reworked to achieve a much better overall harmony. The season is stronger because no one character is invincible (looking at you, super Maeve who can’t be hurt and controls everything).

Seven years after Season 3’s events, our journey begins. The fall of Rehoboam is revealed in pieces through flashbacks and expanded upon heavily in the fourth episode. Maeve and Caleb fought the good battle together but have since parted ways.

Dolores died at the end of the previous season, but she has returned using a new alias, Christina, and she has no recollection of what happened. However, she is her puzzle box, with references to a tower serving as a reoccurring theme.


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Bernard’s storyline stands on its own and will likely become more prominent in the second half of the season. I wonder where he’s going on his fetch mission. That would give too much away, but maybe the season will disclose more as it progresses.

If you’ve been keeping up with this series, you might be wondering when the next episode will be available to watch. The mystery is solved, I guess.

Find out when, where, and how to watch the sixth episode of Season 4 of Westworld.

Westworld Season 4 Episode 6 Release Date

The sixth episode of Season 4 of Westworld premieres on Sunday, July 31 at 9 p.m. (ET). This one will also be broadcast simultaneously on Sky Atlantic in the UK on August 1 at 2 am (GMT).


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In addition to the premiere, Westworld will debut on HBO Max with closed captioning. Similar to the other episodes, “Zhuangzi” (episode 6) is projected to run for around 58 minutes.

How Many Episodes Will Westworld Season 4 Have?

The release of one episode per week has been planned for Season 4 of Westworld. In light of this, there are two more episodes to go.

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What Happened In Episode 5?

In Episode 5, things calm down a bit as the Hosts take charge while the Humans are imprisoned in Hale City.

Our detailed (and somewhat extensive) summary of the episode covers everything you need to know, from an overview of the show to a discussion of the chapter and a review of it. Check out the reference down below!

In light of the Emmy-winning science fiction drama’s season 4 finale on August 14, HBO has decided to cancel the show.

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HBO stated in a statement on Friday that throughout the show’s four seasons, “Lisa [Joy] and Jonah [Nolan] have led fans on a mind-bending voyage, upping the standard at every step.” “We owe a great debt of gratitude to them, as well as the rest of the cast, producers, and crew, as well as our collaborators at Kilter Films, Bad Robot, and Warner Bros. Television. It’s been exciting to experience this adventure alongside them.”


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Joy and Nolan conceived the show and have previously told EW that the season 4 finale was not meant to be the series finale, even though it had a more conclusive tone than prior finales. We have one more story to tell, just like Dolores, she remarked; whether or not they let her tell it remains to be seen. What we have seen is too important to let them share.

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After the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, many shows and movies were axed, including the HBO Max original film Batgirl, making this one of the more high-profile cancellations.

Westworld, an adult amusement park where robot hosts are designed to act like people in a Wild West milieu for the delight of human guests, was adapted into a television series in 2016 and is based on the same-named novel by Michael Crichton.

The robots’ eventual freedom from their programming, rebellion, and infiltration into the actual world in later seasons raised a wide range of existential and technologically-related philosophical problems.

Season 1 regulars Evan Rachel Wood, Thandiwe Newton, Jeffrey Wright, and Ed Harris were joined by Tessa Thompson and Aaron Paul as the series progressed.

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There were nine Emmy wins and a total of 54 nominations during the show’s first four seasons, making it an early success for HBO. Sadly, Westworld’s viewership steadily fell, and the COVID-19 epidemic further pushed back production, resulting in a two-year hiatus between the end of season 3 and the start of season 4.

If Westworld had gotten a fifth season, it would have been Joy and Nolan taking the show back to its roots.


Dolores and her army go on a murdering spree across the park, picking up unsuspecting visitors one by one. She can now access her whole past and has realized that Westworld’s ultimate purpose is to research humanity and turn them into the host. She has made up her mind to use their strategies against them to conquer the human world in order to have a better life for herself and the other hosts. For more details visit our website Jerseyshorevibe.com

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