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Dark Skies 2 Release Date: Is Dark Skies Supernatural?

Dark Skies or Dark Sky, an American science fiction film, was released in February 2013 and will be available on Netflix in certain territories in June 2020. The story revolves around a house that is haunted by aliens rather than ghosts.

Horror aficionados have conflicting feelings about the film. Some people enjoyed the naive notion, while others dismissed it as foolish extraterrestrial drama. Right here, we describe the conclusion of Dark Skies.

In any case, the film ends on a cliffhanger, implying a Dark Skies sequel. So, if you’re wondering when the sequel will be out, don’t worry! We tell you all you need to know about the upcoming release of Dark Skies 2!

Dark Skies

The dark series tells the narrative of a family who is apprehended by immigrants or aliens. The Barretts – mother Lacy, father Daniel, older child Jesse, and younger child Sammy – reside on a quiet country road in an unnamed American city.

Daniel is currently unemployed, making it tough to maintain his family members, including his brother, who works as a broker. Their two children get along well and use a walkie-talkie to communicate from their beds.

Dark Skies 2 Release Date
Dark Skies 2 Release Date

The first installment of the film, written and directed by Scott Stewart, was released on February 22, 2013, however, production is overseen by Jason Blum. Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton, Dakota Goyo, and JK Simmons star in Dark Skies.

The picture cost roughly $3.5 million to make, but it grossed about $27.8 million worldwide. The opening act of the film was excellent and received favorable reviews from critics.

Dark Skies 2 Release Date

Concerning the release date of the sequel, according to the cinema holic, in a recent interview, Scott Stewart responded to a query regarding the sequel by saying that the budget is not a problem because the account for the film is relatively modest.

He mentioned in one of Pollard’s talks, “Sometimes they come back,” which is just a clue regarding Dark Skies 2.

However, we can hope to see the film around 2023, albeit these are only estimates; the precise dates have yet to be determined. Once we have the dates, we will update this section.

Dark Skies 2 Cast

As you may be aware, ‘Dark Skies’ is about a family of four who is plagued by an extraterrestrial. Keri Russell plays Lacy Barrett, the mother; Josh Hamilton plays Daniel Barrett, the father; and Kadan Rockett and Dakota Goyo play the two sons, Sammy Barrett, and Jesse Barrett, respectively.

Dark Skies 2 Release Date
Dark Skies 2 Release Date

If the sequel is a straight continuation of the original film, we can expect the main cast to repeat their roles. However, if you think about it, a ‘Dark Skies’ sequel might also work as a spin-off, with a completely new family. In that situation, fresh actors will join the film’s main cast. J. K. Simmons, who played Edwin Pollard in the first film, could return for a more major role in the sequel.

Dark Skies 2 Plot

Those who have seen the film already know that it finishes on a significant cliffhanger. Jesse, who is taken by aliens, attempts to communicate with his family using his younger brother’s walkie-talkie. This final sequence of the first film could very well serve as the beginning point for the sequel, which could provide a lot more information concerning Jesse’s location.

And, as I previously stated, there is a scene in the first film in which Edwin Pollard alleges that the aliens return and begin haunting the families again. Furthermore, he maintains that the aliens are still watching him. Thus, the aliens could return in the sequel, this time with the goal of abducting Sammy. As a result, it will be the Barretts vs the aliens once more.

Dark Skies 2 Release Date

The second film might also be a spin-off in which a fresh family goes through what the Barretts did. In this situation, J. K. Simmons’ portrayal as an extraterrestrial specialist may serve as a link between the first and second films.

Speaking of the Oscar-winning actor, the next ‘Dark Skies’ film may be a prequel that focuses entirely on J. K. Simmons and depicts his personal encounters with the aliens.

Is Dark Skies Supernatural?

Fantastic movies have always played a significant role in American culture. The “Dark Skies” television series is a prime illustration of this. The plot of the film is broad and entertaining, with numerous twists and turns that keep you guessing until the finish.

The film “Dark Skies” was released in 2013 and quickly became a smash in the United States. It was an intriguing film, but it did not fare well in the rest of the world.

A “black sky” horror film or television series is one in which aliens, extraterrestrials, or other otherworldly beings appear. It is typically shot in low-light conditions. The phrase “dark skies” refers to the nighttime sky, not the daylight sky.

Ray Bradbury, an American science fiction writer, created the term and popularised it with his short tale “The Dark Half.”

Is There an Official Trailer for Dark Skies 2?

The official teaser for the film has not yet been released, but you can enjoy the previous teaser of the Dark Skies to horror recollections, as well as discuss your favorite aerial scene.


The series’ dates have not yet been finalized, but we may anticipate that it will premiere in 2023; stay tuned for further future developments at

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