Infiesto Release Date: Who Are the Cast Members in This Movie?

The eager anticipation of Infiesto fans is because the film will shortly be released in Spain. We have witnessed how the entire nation has become interconnected as a result of globalization.

The availability of content from a wide variety of genres and regions means that entertainment has also become more mainstream.

Whether it’s an OTT service or a specific website, nearly everyone today offers a wide range of content to their viewers. If we’re talking about a new Spanish picture that’s about to come out, it’s got to be Infiesto.

Infiesto release date

A new Spanish film titled Infiesto will be released in the genres of suspense and mystery. Patxi Amezcua helms and writes the picture, while Emma Lustres and Borja Pena serve as producers. In terms of cinematography, Lucas was edited by Josu Inháustegui, who did a wonderful job.

Infiesto Release Date

On February 3, 2023, theatres will begin showing the film Infiesto. No official word on the film’s length, but a quick Google search suggests it’s over an hour and a half. As Netflix is handling distribution, we’ll be able to see the movie on their service.

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Specifically, the film’s plot takes place in March of the year 2020. Covid-19 is a Spanish crime drama where inspectors are the main characters. These two inspectors have come to a small town to look into the disappearance of a woman who was recently located there. There will be a lot of mysteries and thrillers that will give people the chills.

Infiesto Cast Members

The film’s cast and characters are also noteworthy for having been appropriately cast. Fans are anticipating seeing several of these stars because they have done good work in the past. The full rosters of Infiesto’s actors and actresses are as follows:

Férriz should be the head of inspections. Subinspector Castro Samuel Garca del Ro, along with José Manuel Poga, Luis Zahera, Juan Fernández, Ismael Fristchi, Isabel Naveira, Ana Villa, and Mara Mera.

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The decision on the location ultimately settled on Austria, which took 7 weeks to make. Since this movie has been announced for quite some time, fans have been waiting with great anticipation for it to finally come out.

Infiesto Quick Facts

Take a look below:

  • Release Date 3 February 2023
  • Language Spanish
  • Genre Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Duration 1h 36min
  • Cast
    Isak Férriz, Iria del Ríoes, José Manuel Pogaes, Luis Zahera, Juan Fernández, Ismael Fristchi, Isabel Naveiraes, Ana Villaes, María Meraes
  • Director
    Patxi Amezcua
  • Writer
    Patxi Amezcua
  • CinematographyJosu Incháustegui
  • MusicSergio Moure
  • Producer
    Borja Pena, Emma Lustres
  • Production
    Vaca Films

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Infiesto Trailer Details

Take a look at the trailer below:


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