Baby Ruby Release Date: What is the Film About?

Bess Wohl’s “Baby Ruby” portrays the toll that postpartum psychosis takes on a mother and the difficulties she faces during childbirth. In the role of Jo, Noemie Merlant does an outstanding job of making us feel the anxiety and worry of a new mother.

As Spencer, Kit Harington reminds us that a husband’s role is to not only understand his wife’s feelings but to back her up in any way she needs. As much as “Kid Ruby” tries to normalize a lot of things that are taboo in our culture by making you fearful of having a baby, and as much as it is not something that any new parent would want to witness, it is also a film that makes you fearful of having a baby.

Baby Ruby Release Date

  • On this date in 2022 in Canada: September 9 (Toronto International Film Festival)
  • The United States of America, February 3, 2023

Baby Ruby Cast Members: Who Are In It?

Take a look at the baby ruby cast below:

  • Noémie Merlant as Jo
  • Kit Harington as Spencer
  • Meredith Hagner as Shelly
  • Lauren Beveridge as Ginger
  • Erin Wilhelmi
  • Camila Canó-Flaviá as Caroline
  • Christopher Ryan Grant
  • Amber Janea as Farah
  • Pat Labez as Sheila
  • Susan Pourfar as Dr. Goodrich
  • Emerald Rose Sullivan as Pam
  • Reed Birney as Dr. Rosenbaum
  • Jayne Atkinson as Doris

‘Baby Ruby’ Plotline: What Is The Film About?

Jo and her husband, Spencer, were expecting their first child, and the upcoming birth had become their primary focus. While Spencer thought it was strange that Jo was hosting her baby shower, Jo was adamant about it because she was so detail-oriented and wanted everything to be just right.

Jo was a Frenchwoman who found the American custom of baby showers to be strange. Jo updated a vlog about her life under the title “Love, Josephine.” She had attracted a following of dedicated readers who eagerly anticipated each new post because of her unique point of view and interesting subject matter.

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Jo made it a point to respond to every single comment individually because she thought it was crucial to make every one of her readers feel special. Jo’s online store and audience have both grown substantially in recent years. There was no turning back after Jo put a cheese souffle recipe on the internet and it went viral.

The long-awaited arrival of baby Ruby has arrived. Jo had learned by then how difficult it was to carry a baby for nine months, but she had no idea what a new and exciting adventure she was embarking upon when she became a parent. When the body’s estrogen levels suddenly plummet, it causes a cascade of other changes that can be difficult to adjust to.

As with any new parents, Spencer and Jo didn’t always know what to do to get Ruby to sleep. Everything had grown so hectic that Jo no longer knew the difference between night and day. After a month of being cooped up at home with the newborn, just taking care of her basic needs like changing diapers and feeding her did little to improve her erratic moods.

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Jo began experiencing paranoia, auditory hallucinations, and visual hallucinations, and she began formulating numerous conspiracy ideas.

For Jo, the best times in her life were when she was able to put baby Ruby to sleep, and at those times, she forgot all about her vlog. Her assistant Caroline reminded her that readers were still waiting for the baby picture and were beginning to doubt the site’s reliability because it had been more than a month since the last upload.

Jo, however, was not in the right frame of mind or body to give a hoot about anything. Her life was even more disorganized than her home. Though Spencer was there for her whenever she needed him and always had her back, Jo felt uncomfortable leaving her daughter in his care because of some irrational worries she had about him.

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Jo had been jolted awake once by the sound of her dog chewing on a bone, and her mind immediately leaped to the worst conceivable scenario. They were so worried about becoming parents that even though they denied there was a problem, they saw a doctor about it nevertheless.

Jo reported to the doctor that Ruby was an excessively tearful baby and that nothing seemed to calm her down. The doctor reassured Spencer and Jo that their infant appeared healthy and normal.


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Those pesky hormones made Jo irritable and short-fused, to the point where she would snap at people for no reason at all. Spencer was aware that she required time apart to regain control of her life. He hoped that she would feel safe leaving Ruby in his care and would take some time to socialize with her pals on her own.

Once, while walking with Ruby, Jo tripped over the baby stroller and worried that Ruby had been wounded. Resident Shelly quickly sprang into action to see whether everything was alright. Shelly introduced her to a group of young moms who had been through or were going through something similar.

When Jo first saw them, she was struck by how refreshed and content they appeared. She questioned how they were able to juggle everything while caring for their newborn. Jo didn’t want to make it seem like she despised her child, but she was interested in hearing what other parents were doing that she wasn’t. Spencer asked Jo to go out to eat with him after a long time since he knew she needed some time to herself without Ruby.

Jo did go out to dinner, but chaos ensued when she checked on Ruby via baby cam and saw a ghostly figure standing next to the crib, whispering in her daughter’s ear. Upon returning home, Jo found that Ruby was OK and that the woman whose voice she had heard through the baby cam was Spencer’s mom, Doris.


After becoming a mother, the neatly choreographed life of a vlogger and influencer begins to collapse. For more details please visit our website

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