The Watchful Eye Episode 4 Release Date: How Many Episodes Will Season 1 Have?

Freeform’s newest mystery thriller, The Watchful Eye, has already won over viewers. Elena Santos, a live-in nanny at the Greybourne who is more than she seems, is the protagonist of the show. Despite being employed by Matthew Ward to look after his reclusive son Jasper, Elena is actually in the historic building in pursuit of a long-lost treasure.

She and her lover, Scott, would be set for life if she could get her hands on it. The problem is that she has to go down into the bowels of the spooky old building to do her search, and that takes time. This is why they need a nanny. As Elena gains the trust of the Greybourne residents, she’ll learn that the facility is bustling with activities that she had no idea about.

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One or more bodies have been discovered inside, and the structure itself hides dangerous secrets. There’s a feeling that things will heat up as Elena draws closer to uncovering the prize.


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If you’re a fan of the show or curious about it, here’s when new episodes will be broadcast on Freeform and when the episodes will be released.

The Watchful Eye Release Date

On January 30th, Freeform aired the first two episodes of the series. In total, there are 10 episodes in Season 1. On Monday nights at 10:00 PM, tune in to The Watchful Eye. ET.

Episode Release Schedule

  • The first episode, “Hen in the Fox House,” aired on January 30.
  • Episode 2: “Hide and Seek” – Jan. 30
  • “The Nanny Who Knew Too Much” is the third episode. – Feb. 6
  • Episode 4: “The Nanny Who Disappears” (February 13)
  • Episode 5: “Stairway to Eleven” (February 20)
  • The Feb. 27 episode is called “Save New York.”
  • Episode 7 – March 6

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Episodes 8–10 have not yet been given dates for when they will be shown. But if The Watchful Eye airs without any breaks, the last episode will be on March 27. As news comes in, we’ll add to this post.

Hulu lets you stream shows the next day.

How Many Episodes Will The Watchful Eye Season 1 Have?

Freeform has confirmed that there will be 8 episodes of the show. The first episode came out on January 30, and the last one should come out on February 27. With that in mind, there are 5 more episodes to come after these two.

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The Watchful Eye Episode 4 Release Date

Watchful Eye Episode 4 will be released on 13 February.


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Is There A Trailer For The Watchful Eye?

Take a look at the watchful eye trailer below:


Freeform has put out a clip from Episode 3 of Season 1 of “The Watchful Eye,” which is called “Elena Dreams of Jocelyn.” Mondays at 10/9c and the next day on Hulu, you can watch new episodes of “The Watchful Eye.” For more details visit our website 

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