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Trolley Episode 14 Release Date: Where Can I Watch Trolley?

Trolley is a pressure cooker of tension. It is a mystery romance with a group of characters who know each other well. Their lives are turned inside out.

Kim Hye-joo, who is married to Nam Joong-do, is at the center of this. Joong-do is a member of the National Assembly. He doesn’t know that his wife is keeping deep secrets from her past. But he has just as many secrets as she does, and they come out at the worst times, right after a shocking reveal in the first episode.

If you’ve been watching this Korean drama, you might be wondering when the next episode will come out. Well, wonder no more!


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Here is all the information you need about Trolley Episode 14, including when it will come out, what time it will start, and where you can watch it.

Trolley Episode 14 Release Date

Trolley Episode 14 was supposed to come out on Tuesday, February 7 at around 3 p.m. (GMT) or 10 p.m. (ET).

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Expect episode 14 to be about an hour long, which is about the same length as the other episodes.

How Many Episodes Will Trolley Season 1 Have?

Trolley is a K-drama with 16 episodes. Two episodes come out every week. Keeping this in mind, there are two more episodes after this one.

Where Can I Watch Trolley?

Netflix subscribers around the world will soon be able to watch Trolley. However, this is an original production by SBS and airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. (KST).

Trolley Cast Members: Who Are In It?

Kim Hyun-Joo and Park Hee-soon are two of the prominent actors in the show. Kim Moo-Yul, Ryoo Hyoun-young, Ki Tae-young, Chung Su-bin, and Jung Soo-bin are among the other actors featured in the show.

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Hyun-last Joo’s film appearance was in 2021’s Hellbound, while Hee-was soon in 2016’s A Model Family, both playing supporting roles. Kim Mun-kyo is making his directorial debut with this Korean drama.

Trolley Episode 14 Preview

According to Netflix, the show is about “the wife of an assemblyman who is forced by a tragedy to come out of her quiet life and face family secrets and her problematic past.”

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Trolley Episode 13 Recap

When Soo-bin reveals some startling details to Hye-Joo, he challenges her faith in Joong-do. After Seung-hee brings up his wife’s background, Joong-do finds himself in a tangle. Hye-Joo is similarly shocked by the revelation in public while being hounded by her relatives and the general public.

Trolley Trailer

Kim Mun-kyo and Ryu Bo-Trolley RI is a Korean drama series starring Kim Hyun-Joo and Park Hee-soon that focuses on a thriller and mystery plot. The show replaces Cheer Up on SBS on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST. Take a look at the trailer below:


We flashback to the day of Ji-death, hoon when he and Soo-bin went to the studio to meet Hye-joo but, upon their arrival, discovered that she had already left. While waiting for his mother to return, Ji-hoon and Soo-bin take a nap in his room.
When they awake, Ji-hoon is surprised to overhear an awful conversation between Yeo-jin and Joong-do. They have committed a terrible act, and they are both aware of the severity of the potential consequences. For more details visit our website

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