Farming Life in Another World Episode 6 Release Date: Where to Watch Episode 6?

Are you guys looking forward to the sixth episode of Farming Life in Another World? We got you!! Farming Life in Another World, a new Isekai anime series, is getting more and more attention with each new episode. Even after the last episode, otakus all over the world are much more interested because the story is getting closer to its real purpose and showing its true colors.

If you’re one of them, you might be wondering when Farming Life in Another World Episode 6 will come out, what it will be about, what its spoilers will be, and how you can watch it online. But before I tell you all this, let’s look back at what has already happened in the story.

In the story, we follow Machio Hiraku, who starts working for a company after he graduates from college. But after a few years, the company goes bankrupt, and he puts his health last so he can focus on his job. So, when he was 30, he had to go to the hospital because of his illness. At one point, the man, who is 39 years old, talks to God.

In his sixth sense, he is talking to God. We can see him asking God if he is going to be reborn in a new world. In response, the god says that he is not being reborn, but is instead being teleported… Even though he is still dead, he will let him live again in a different world, regenerate all of his dead body parts, and also make him a few years younger.

When our guy thanks the god for giving him a second chance, the god tells him he doesn’t have to because his presence in the new world will help him and he will let him live because he is useful to him. God says that in this new world, all a person has to do is live his life to the fullest, enjoy everything, and be himself.

Release Date of Farming Life in Another World Episode 6

The next episode of Farming Life in Another World will come out on Friday, February 10, 2023.

Time Zone Time
Pacific Standard Time (PST) 02:56 PM
Central Standard Time (CST) 04:56 PM
Japan Standard Time (JST) 11:56 AM (the next day)
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 10:56 PM
India Standard Time (IST) 03:26 AM (the next day)
Pakistan Standard Time (PKST) 11:56 PM
Central European Time (CET) 11:56 PM
Australia Central Daylight Time (ACD) 07:56 AM (the next day)
Portugal Time (PT) 08:56 PM
Eastern Standard Time (EST) 05:56 PM

Recap: What Happened in Farming Life in Another World Episode 5?

In the most recent episode, we see that Hiraku and the others have finally made a new building after a long time and a lot of hard work. We can see that they made this for visitors. They extended the southwest area to the south and built it there. It is a one-story house that is the same size as their own house.

Some of the interior parts look better than the furniture in his own house, but because of how buildings are usually made in their village, it looks more like a nice lodge house. So, instead of calling it “Guest House,” they call it “Lodge House,” because he thinks that a name that fits is the best name.

Farming Life in Another World Episode 6

On the other hand, they have started calling the South Western Area the Residential Area and the area around their house the Big Tree Area.

The next problem was how to greet guests since it’s not good for everyone to get together every time someone comes. Gran Maria has always found and brought visitors to the village, so she is automatically assigned as a guide. Also, every time someone gets close to the village, everyone gathers because of Zabuton’s alarm, so they have decided to change the signal Zabuton sends with a new one.

Where to Watch Farming Life in Another World Episode 6

Farming Life in Another World Episode 6

You will be able to view the next episode 6 of Farming Life in Another World on HiDive at the date and time that we have provided for you above.

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