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Black Clover Chapter 351 Release Date: Where to Read Chapter 351?

Two children were left behind by their parents to die alone at the same church on the same day. Asta and Yuno grew up together as kids, and as they got older, they came across the position of “the Wizard King,” who is thought to be the strongest mage with extraordinary magical skills.

As soon as they learned this, they promised each other that they would compete for the title and work hard every day until they reached the top. But, according to the legend, nothing ever goes as planned in this cursed world.

As they got closer to their teens, everyone could see that there was a big difference between them. Yuno is skilled enough to use powerful magical abilities, and she has a very good handle on them.

Asta, on the other hand, has a bad deal because she can’t use magic at all. He is making himself train all day and night to try to wake up his magical powers. He would work himself to exhaustion every day just to keep his promise to his friend.

When they turn 15 and become young men, Yuno gets a four-leaf clover from Grimoire, but Asta gets nothing. When other people see Yuno’s Grimoire, they get jealous, and one of them even attacks him to get it.

Asta tries to save his brother like a good friend, but he can’t because he isn’t strong enough. Just as he’s about to admit that he’s not strong enough to fight the attacker, he hears Yuno’s voice and gets up to fight again.

Asta gets a different kind of rage when he hears his voice, which comes from his deep feelings and love for his friend. He gets a five-leaf clover Grimoire that is called the “Black Clover.”

This Grimoire gave him so much power that he was able to beat the attacker and get his faith back. Well, this is the anime version of “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” They went back out into the world to become the Wizard King once more.

Overview of Black Clover Chapter 351

Info Description
Series Title Black Clover
Protagonists Asta and Yuno
Background Two children left at a church on the same day who grew up together and learned about the position of the “Wizard King”
Magical Abilities Yuno has powerful abilities while Asta has none
Grimoire Asta receives a five-leaf clover Grimoire that gives him immense power
Chapter 351 “The Hard Work is Paying Off Now” released on February 19, 2022
Plot A character known as “the sister” apologizes for the bad things she has done, and Asta is reminded of the final judgment day
Availability Can be read on the official site and on The Official Shonen Jump by VIZ, with new chapters posted on the same day every week


Release Date of Black Clover Chapter 351

Chapter 351 of Black Clover The date of the release is February 19, 2022. The chapter is called “The Hard Work is Paying Off Now.”

Time Zone Time Date
Pacific Time 7:00 AM February 19th
Central Time 9:00 AM February 19th
Eastern Time 10:00 AM February 19th
British Time 3:00 PM February 19th
European Time 5:00 PM February 19th
Indian Time 8:30 PM February 19th
Japan Time 12:00 AM February 20th

Recap: What Happened in Black Clover Chapter 350?

At the beginning of the chapter, the “sister” tells Asta her story as if it were her last words. She starts by saying she’s sorry for what she’s been doing and what she’s done so far to so many people, as well as for the bad things she’s said to him.

She tells Asta that all she ever wanted to do was free the world from the noble realm’s magic discrimination. She joined a church to solve the problem, hoping that things would be different there, but they weren’t.

Black Clover Chapter 351

She says how sad she feels inside because she tried everything she had to help people but couldn’t. The other person says the truth is very different. He tells her that she saved Asta and that he is now stronger than he has ever been.

He tells Ryu, the person she saved, to lean on him. With this in mind, Ryu gets lost in the way the Earth changes from night to day. Asta is reminded that the big day, the day of final judgment, is only three days away.

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In the battle in the clover kingdom, the guy tells Asta that Lucius is getting ready and that he should do the same. Lucius can now use the bodies, blood, and bone magic of Zogratis’s Siblings along with his own soul. This has given him a huge amount of power.

Where to Read Black Clover Chapter 351

Black Clover Chapter 351

You can read this manga online on its official site and on The Official Shonen Jump by VIZ. These are the official sites where you can read this manga online. Each new chapter is posted on the same day every week.

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