Marie Antoinette Release Date: Who Are the Cast Members in This Movie?

During the holiday season, nothing beats curling up with a period drama. That’s why the newest offering from the BBC, Marie Antoinette, is guaranteed to be well received by audiences.

An aristocratic heroine (played by Emilia Schüle) with “a feeling of personal independence, uniqueness, and self-determination beyond her era” is at the center of a new eight-part series.

Deborah Davis, who also wrote and executive produced The Favourite, devised this series, so viewers can expect plenty of drama, emotion, and riveting performances in addition to the glittering ballgowns.

Marie Antoinette Release Date

We think the release date between Christmas and New Year’s is ideal for a new historical drama, making it possible to binge-watch the entire series in one sitting.

On Thursday, December 29 at 9 pm, BBC Two will premiere Marie Antoinette, and all episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer at the same time.

Marie Antoinette Plot: What’s It About?

After leaving Austria at the age of 14 to marry the Dauphin of France, Marie Antoinette is the focus of an eight-part series that chronicles her time at Versailles and her efforts to impose her will on the French court (Louis Cunningham).

The summary reads, “She must produce an heir to secure the alliance between France and Austria, but she is as unprepared for the job as her awkward young husband.” I wonder how this rebellious soul would respond to the ridiculous protocol of Versailles.

Marie Antoinette, who “embodies a sense of personal freedom, independence, and self-determination beyond her era,” transforms into a “teenage rebel determined to reconstruct the dark and manipulating the world of Versailles in her image.”

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This BBC series promises a feminist spin on the tale, centering on giving Antoinette a voice and narrative, something that is crucial to Oscar-nominated Davis. The story may already be well-known (if not, the infamous and controversial remark of ‘let them eat cake’).

Davis told Variety that in writing about Marie Antoinette, she “discovered the fighter, and I liked being with her through her conflicts.” Furthermore, she said, “Marie-Antoinette comes from a very long line of incredibly strong-willed, lively women, and she took them on.”

Marie Antoinette Cast: Who Stars in the Drama?

Leading the cast of this eight-part series are actors Emilia Schüle (The Perfumier), James Purefoy (Solomon Kane), Louis Cunningham (Bridgerton), Jack Archer (Call the Midwife), Jasmine Blackborow (Shadow and Bone), and Gaia Weiss (Vikings).

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  • Emilia Schüle as Marie Antoinette
  • James Purefoy as Louis XV
  • Caroline Piette as Victoire
  • Roxane Duran as Joséphine
  • Crystal Shepherd-Cross as Adelaide
  • Martijn Lakemeier as Axel von Fersen
  • Oscar Lesage as Chartres
  • Nathan Willcocks as Mercy
  • Marthe Keller as The Empress
  • Liah O’Prey as Yolande
  • Yoli Fuller as Saint-Georges
  • Louis Cunningham as Louis XVI
  • Jack Archer as Provence
  • Jasmine Blackborow as Lamballe
  • Gaia Weiss as Madame Du Barry

Executive producers include Claude Chelli, Stéphanie Chartreux, and Margaux Balsan for Canal+, Capa Drama, Banijay Studios France, and Les Gens; directors include Pete Travis (Cold Feet, Bloodlands, Endgame), and Geoffrey Enthoven (Come as You Are); and the show is written and created by Deborah Davis (The Favourite).

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Madeline Fontaine and Marie Frémont, both of whom have won awards for their work, also designed the costumes (Jackie).

Marie Antoinette Trailer: When Can I Watch It?

In this very instant! The new season’s trailer has arrived, and it provides us with a glimpse of the intense drama to come.


Leaving Austria at the tender age of sixteen, Marie Antoinette weds the dauphin of France. Upon her arrival at the French court at Versailles, she will be subject to a plethora of regulations. The princess rapidly becomes unhappy because her mother, the Empress of Austria (Marthe Keller, “Marathon Man”), is constantly pressuring her to maintain the Bourbon line and strengthen the connection between Austria and France.

The mission, however, proves more difficult than anticipated due to Louis’ avoidant and reclusive nature. Opponents inside the royal family will do everything they can to pull her down, including spreading slanderous pamphlets and persistent rumors about her private life. For more details visit our website

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