My Life As Inukai-San’s Dog Episode 6: Watch it on Ani-One Asia’s YouTube Channel!

The web manga series My Life as Inukai-Dog san’s by Itsutsuse was published in parts on Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket website from August 2020 to March 2022. In September of the same year, it was published in Shnen Magazine R.

My Life As Inukai-Dog San’s is told from the first-person view of a boy who wakes up in the middle of nowhere. A person is wet, cold, and freezing. He has nowhere to go, can’t talk, and can’t move. Then, his friend Inukai comes along, picks him up, and carries him back to her house.

As he watches, he wonders what’s going on: why can I speak, why can’t I speak, why is she carrying me, why does she carry me, and the better question is, why can she carry me? When they get to Inuka San’s house, she puts him down and gets ready, but her mother shows up, and it’s clear from her face that Inukai doesn’t like her.

But, for some reason, her mother’s facial expressions seem friendly, pure, and warm. Since they had just come in from the outside, she decided to take a bath, and Inukai took the guy with her. Inukai carries him around, and when he changes into a dog, he figures out why he can carry him.

Inukai doesn’t know that this dog used to be a classmate of hers, but she is very comfortable with it because she thinks it is just a puppy. She brings it in, gives it a bath, and then starts making puppy sounds and woofing.

This cute little dog now belongs to her, which makes her happy, and this is where things get a little bit worse for this guy who has become a dog. Let’s see when My Life as Inukai-Dog san’s comes out. Episode 6 is coming out, when, how long it will be, a recap of Episode 5, and where to watch it.

Release Date of My Life As Inukai-San’s Dog Episode 6

Episode 6 of My Life as Inukai-Dog san’s aired on Saturday, February 10, 2023. Let’s look at when Episode 6 of My Life as Inukai-Dog san’s airs in different parts of the world:

Time Zone Time (09 February 2023, Friday)
Pacific Daylight Time 07:00 AM
Central Daylight Time 09:00 AM
Eastern Daylight Time 10:00 AM
Indian Standard Time 08:30 PM
Australian Central Time 01:30 AM
Japanese Standard Time Midnight (10 February 2023, Saturday)
British Summer Time 04:00 PM
Beijing Standard Time 11:00 PM

Recap: What Happened in My Life As Inukai-San’s Dog Episode 5?

Inukai and Pochita start studying outside of Nekotani’s apartment. Nekotani’s flat is right across the hall from Pochita’s, so Inukai plans to leave as soon as possible. He is going to jump off the fence and run as fast as he can to the balcony of his room.

Since Pochita doesn’t like dogs, Nekotani urged Inukai to bring him along as he opened the door for Inukai. Before starting their work, Nekotani and Inukai decide to play video games. Pochita has the perfect chance to run away while Nekotani and Inukai are busy. Inukai looks for Pochita under the table with her foot while playing video games.

My Life As Inukai-San’s Dog Episode 6

Pochita keeps trying to run away and carry out his plan, but Inukai turns towards him, irritated, and plays with his tail under the table. He yells at Nekotani, who, even though she is afraid of him, falls down in front of him. Even though he is angry, Inukai jumps over Nekotani’s sweaty and tense body.

Pochita ran outside when the delivery man rang, while Nekotani and Inukai looked confused about the item he had ordered under Inukai’s name a few days before. Unfortunately, his plan to jump over the fence is too good to be true, since he can’t even get there. Pochita decides to do the unthinkable to Nekotani to keep his plan from failing even more.

Despite his best efforts, Pochita just barely made it to his balcony. Pochita then saw a lovely young woman carrying a basket of flowers. It was Usagi Tsukishiro, the same girl he remembered. When Usagi came home for his tea time, Pochita’s bed was full of chocolates. When he got back, Usagi thought he was going to tease him with some ugly magazines, but instead he found a bag of chocolates.

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When Pochita saw the chocolates, he was able to remember some of his human life, but everything was still fuzzy. Knowing that he had received Valentine’s chocolates, Usagi tore them apart in anger. To avoid being run over by Usagi’s legs, Pochita decides to follow Usagi around while still hiding under her dress.

When Usagi finds him, he will probably be sent to an animal shelter, which will ruin his plans. She stopped moving and began to cry. Pochita has caused so much trouble for so many people since he disappeared and turned into a dog that she is worried about where he is. After Pochita’s mother calls her, Usagi’s perversion is shown.

Where to Watch My Life As Inukai-San’s Dog Episode 6

My Life As Inukai-San’s Dog Episode 6

Episode 6 of My Life as Inukai-Dog san’s comes out first on Japanese networks. Both versions of the episode will be shown on local networks. Fans can also watch the censored and uncensored versions of the new My Life as Inukai-Dog san’s episode on Hidive and on Ani-One Asia‘s YouTube channel.

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