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The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 16 Release Date: Where Can I Watch This Series?

The Interest of Love is the most recent bank-based romance K-drama. There are three primary protagonists in this novel. It’s no secret that Sang-su is hopelessly in love with his coworker Su-yeong. While trying to make ends meet, she finds herself involved with Sang-su.

After a disastrous first date, Su-yeong seeks solace in her job as a security guard at the bank and develops feelings for Jong-Hyeon. Sang-su, though, is not deterred from trying to win her over.

If you’re a fan of this Korean drama, you might be wondering when the next episode will air. What were you thinking?

The Interest Of Love Episode 16 Release Date

Episode 16 of In the Interest of Love airs on Thursday, February 9 at 3 p.m. (GMT) / 10 p.m. (ET). Since Netflix’s subtitling staff is lightning fast, you can watch your show or movie right away with English subtitles.

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The 16th episode will likely run about 1 hour and 20 minutes long, which is in line with the average episode length.

How Many Episodes Will the Interest of Love Season 1 Have?

There will be 16 total episodes of The Interest of Love, with two episodes debuting each week. So, let’s get to the conclusion of this!

Where Can I Watch The Interest Of Love?

Netflix subscribers around the world will soon be able to see The Interest of Love. However, this is a JTBC original that airs in Korea on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. (KST)

What Can We Expect From Episode 16?

  • Despite his best efforts, Sang-su will never stop thinking about Su-yeong.
  • Perhaps a few years will pass in the plot.
  • Instead of Sang-su pursuing Su-yeong, I think it would be more equitable if she went back to Sang-su.

The Interest of Love Cast Members

Yoo Yeon-Seok, Mun Ka-young, Keum Sae-rok, Jung Ga-ram, Jeong Jae-sung, Park Hyung-soo, Moon Tae-yu, and Oh Dong-min are among the many actors featured in the series.

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Ka-young was most recently seen as Noh Da-hyun in Link: Eat, Kill, Love, and Yeon-Seok was last seen as David Park on Narco-Saints. Similarly, Ga-most ram’s recent role was as Lee Hye-Yeong in Love Alarm 2, while Sae-was rok’s as Lee Soo-ryun in Youth of May.

The Interest of Love Episode 15 Recap

Everyone in the company is horrified to hear that Mi-gyeong is relocating to Washington, DC, at a time when many people are experiencing breakups. Sang-su makes a last-ditch effort to find Su-yeong by traveling to Tongyeong, where he unexpectedly runs into her.

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Despite the positive memories they make and the joy they share, the danger is always lurking just over the horizon.

In Love’s Best Interest is available for instant watching on Netflix right now.

A Trailer For The Interest Of Love?

Of course, there is! Check out the first season of The Interest of Love’s trailer down below!


Four coworkers at the same bank find themselves in a complex love triangle as they test the limits of their romantic commitment to one another. Love tests how far four coworkers at the same bank will go. For more details visit our website

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