Brassic Season 5 Release Date: What Did Sky Announce? 

Brassic season 5 is set in stone after the reveal of Sky Comedy 2023. Many fans will be relieved to learn that Michelle Keegan and Joe Gilgun will reunite. Plenty of other original comedies are also making their way back, alongside Brassic’s fifth season. Brassic season 5 will premiere this year, although we do not yet have a premiere date. The following text will enlighten you on Sky’s many fascinating announcements.

Brassic Season 5 Release Date

According to Radiotimes, Sky had already announced season 5 of Brassic before season four premiered last year. In August of 2022, production began on a similar film. While season 5 of Brassic has been confirmed, a premiere date has not yet been set.


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We do, however, know that the debut will occur this year. The series has reportedly wrapped filming. If and when a release date is announced, we will let you know. Therefore, revisit this page frequently.

What Will Brassic Season 5 Be About?

The shocking conclusion of Season 4 will set the stage for the start of Season 5 on Brassic. Vinnie, the powerful drug buyer, and his gang are facing trouble after running into the McDonagh brothers and Manolito. Now that Vinnie’s pursuers are on his tail, he needs to devise a plan of action swiftly.

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But he is thinking about more than just an escape plan. He is also thinking about his future with Erin.

What Did Sky Announce?

There is a tonne of comedies scheduled to air on Sky this year. To begin, the highly anticipated fifth season of Brassic will launch this year. An additional one-off episode of Intelligence has been confirmed. Also, Sky has revealed four new original shows.

Romantic comedy Smothered, starring Danielle Vitalis and Jon Ponting, comes first. The series follows two total strangers who are starving for sex yet resolve to have none at all. On the other hand, things will change once they realize they have feelings for one another.

Mr. Bigstuff, starring Sapson and Danny Dyer, is the second series. The theme of sibling competition runs throughout this series. Then there’s Lily Allen and Freema Agyeman’s Dreamland. A mother, grandmother, and four sisters live in a coastal village in Dreamland.

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Sky will play “Joy To The World” to close off the year. Timothy Spall and James Nesbitt feature in this holiday-themed TV series. However, they’ll play Santas with quite different motivations.

Only Brassic has been renewed for a fifth season out of all the shows that have been announced. So, this is the time to call attention to it.

Brassic Season 5 Cast Members

IMDB’s most recent cast listing suggests the following for Season 5 of Brassic.

  • Joe Gilgun as Vinnie
  • Michelle Keegan as Erin
  • Damien Molony as Dylan
  • Parth Thakar as JJ
  • Joanna Higson as Sugar
  • Dominic West as Dr. Chris Cox
  • Bronagh Gallagher as Carol
  • Neil Ashton as Davey MacDonagh
  • Tom Hanson as Cardi
  • Aaron Heffernan as Ash
  • Ryan Sampson as Tommo
  • Grey Wood as Barry Wood

How Many Episodes In Brassic Season 5?

Eight episodes totaling one hour in length will be included in the next installment. In the next episode, we’ll find out if Erin is willing to risk her life for Vinnie.

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Season 5 of Brassic, according to the show’s executive producer David Livingstone, will be the best season ever.

Where to Watch Brassic Season 5?

Season 5 of Brassic has been released on Sky One. The new series will also be available to stream on the Amazon Video apps and Sky Go.

In the United Kingdom, subscribers to Virgin Media and NOW TV can purchase the box set containing the prior seasons. Moreover, U.S. residents can access the series’ back catalog on Hulu.


When Series 5 of Brassic premieres on Sky on September 7, you can expect more laughter than ever before. Brassic, Sky’s highest-rated original comedy, will be back for a fifth season in 2019. For more details visit our website

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