Grand Blue Chapter 83 Release Date: Available to Read on Kodansha!

The popular manga Grand Blue Dreaming, which is a comedy, is going on another break, which is bad news for fans. In the March issue of Kodansha’s Good! Afternoon magazine, it is said that one of the creators got sick out of the blue. Is this a break that won’t end? Here’s everything you need to know about the release of Grand Blue Chapter 83 and the news!

Grand Blue Dreaming is a manga written by Kenji Inoue, who is from Japan. In 2018, it was also made into an anime. The first manga came out in 2014. But there have only been 82 chapters so far. New chapters do come out slowly, though. Continue reading to learn more!

Overview of Grand Blue Chapter 83

Information Description
Type Comedy manga
Creators Kenji Inoue and Kimitake Yoshioka
First Release 2014
Current Chapters 82
Anime Adaptation 2018
Chapter 83 Release Delayed due to the poor health of one of the creators
Chapter 82 Recap Aina tries to buy underwear at a convenience store while the others think Cakey is late. Iori starts to see Aina in a new light and thinks she has become an Ero-Stricker.
Chapter 83 Spoilers Aina, Iori, Kouhei, and Chisa go to the beach and the chapter will talk about Chisa’s feelings for Iori. Aina continues to work on her plan to get Iori to like her.
Reading Platform Kodansha (Chapter 83 to be released after creator’s recovery)
Availability Earlier chapters available in both paperback and digital formats

Release Date of Blue Chapter 83

In a recent tweet, the creators of the Grand Blue manga series, Inoue Kenji and Yoshioka Kimitake, said, “It is with deep regret that the release of Grand Blue Chapter 83 will be delayed because one of us is sick.” The team’s health is the most important thing, so a short break has been planned so that the creator who got sick can fully recover.

The people who made it are very sorry for any trouble this may cause, and they are thankful for their readers’ understanding and support. They hope that if the creator gets the right care and rest, they will be able to get better and get back to work.

Recap: What Happened in Grand Blue Chapter 82?

In the chapter, we see that Aina thinks she can buy some underwear at a convenience store on the way back home, but she needs to hide it until then. On the other hand, we can see that the other people on the Shark Scramble Trip think Cakey is late and spends too much time in the bathroom. They also think that, for some reason, Cakey always has to go to the bathroom after diving because his body gets cold when you dive.

When they left the waiting room, a wind blew Aina’s clothes. This wasn’t planned, but Iori thought it was a mistake. He never thought he’d fall for a 3D girl, let alone Cakey. He also thinks that her seduction game has been easy up until now, which makes him wonder if she has really learned anything in that short time.

Grand Blue Chapter 83

We find out later that Iori no longer thinks the way he used to. It’s not just how she acts; it’s also when and where she does things. Even her facial expressions. This might help her reach her long-term goal of taking over Kithara.

When they get to the hotel, they find out that there is no reservation for today under the name Yoshiwara, but there is a reservation for tomorrow under the same name. Everyone was shocked because Aina had planned everything. She apologizes to everyone and says she didn’t realize she had made a mistake with the reservation date.

After this happened, Iori knows for sure that she has become an Ero-Stricker. She also thinks that Cakey has taken his advice, completely surpassed his expectations, and shown him how much they have grown. However, she also thinks that her plane has a serious flaw called “Shyness.” Iori thinks he will give her the same treatment and become her Ero-Midfielder.

In putting, you have to take into account weather and terrain conditions, as well as the time of day and unpredictable seasonal factors. Calculating the layout of the nearby buildings, how people move around, and any obstacles in the environment.

Spolier: What Will Happen in Grand Blue Chapter 83?

In the next chapter, Aina, Iori, Kouhei, and Chisa are back at the beach house. After the last thing, Aina is still all sweaty. She is trying to stay out of sight. But then they all decide to have fun by going to the beach. This chapter will talk about how Chisa feels about Iori. Even though she doesn’t realize how much she likes him, the shark scrambling trip may be the time when she finally tells him. Aina keeps working on her plan to get Iori to like her.

Grand Blue Chapter 83

So far, the manga has shown that Aina and Kouhei are the best matches. Aina might be slowly starting to feel something for Kouhei. When Tokita and Kotobuki hypnotized Kouhei in a previous chapter, he told them that Aina is the second most important person in his life, after Rarako. But the chapter where Kaya Mizuki, who voices Rarako, gets married is a symbol of Kouhei letting go of Rarako. So, in his mind, Aina is the only person for him.

Where to Read Grand Blue Chapter 83

Since the manga series is on hiatus, we don’t know when it will come back, but if it does, you can read Grand Blue Chapter 83 on Kodansha. You can also buy the manga’s earlier chapters in volumes, which come in both paperback and digital formats.

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