Kingdom Chapter 747: Is Confirmed Release Date Announced!

As of now, there is no break before the next chapter comes out. Kingdom Chapter 747 is the last chapter to come out this week. We saw in the last chapter that Riboku was hiding among his men. Here, some people were trying to get him out in the open so he could be beaten again. It is known that the man has very serious injuries. But it will be hard for everyone to kill him. Here are all the important details about the next chapter.

In the next part of the story, fans will learn about all the ways Kanki’s men will try to catch Riboku. They are trying to surround him and get him to the round. But it’s important to ask if he’s so easy to kill.

Kingdom Chapter 747 Overview:

Chapter: Kingdom Chapter 747 Release Date: February 13, 2023

Chapter Recap:

  • The men of Kanki were searching for Riboku as they thought he wouldn’t let things go easily.
  • In the previous chapter, they found out that Riboku was hiding among his men.
  • The men were ready to attack and beat him to death.

Chapter Spoiler:

  • The focus of Kingdom Chapter 747 will be on the attack on Riboku.
  • Kanki’s men will try to surround and capture Riboku.
  • But Riboku might have his own plan and might not be an easy target.
  • The chapter will show unique ways of attacking and the rest of the story will be about Kanki’s master plan.

Release Date of Kingdom Chapter 747

As of the time this was written, there was no break between the old one and the new one. In the next two days, fans will be able to see the new one. Kingdom Chapter 747 will come out for the last time on February 13, 2023. Only the official Kodansha pages will have all of the chapters of the manga.

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Recap: What Happened in Kingdom Chapter 746?

At the beginning of Kingdom Chapter 746, the men of Kanki thought that Riboku is not the kind of person who would just let things go. And he wasn’t the type of person who would run away from trouble. As the war went on and things got worse, everyone was worried about where their leader was. The Riboku side could see that Kanki was coming back. And this could only mean one thing: a direct attack. The men were glad to start their attack at once.

Kingdom Chapter 747

In the second half, Kanki stood next to one of Riboku’s closest friends. He was trying to find out where the commander was. In the second half of the chapter, we find out that Riboku was actually in the war, hiding among his men. When he finally showed up, the Kanki men heard that he was to be beaten to death.

Spoiler: What Will Happen in Kingdom Chapter 747?

The name of the new chapter and what it will be about have not been made public. So, fans will have to wait a while to find out the last few plot points of this one. Most of Kingdom Chapter 747 will be about the attack on Riboku in the new version. During this trip, the man will be attacked. This will show some unique ways to attack. The men are ready to chase him down and kill him.

Kingdom Chapter 747

But Riboku is not just sitting there for no reason. He could also have his plan. At this point, there might as well be other men all around them. But Kanki’s master plan will take up the rest of the story.

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