The Muppets Mayhem Release Date: Who Are the Cast and Crew Members in It?

The Muppets Mayhem is an upcoming Disney+ comedy musical series created by Adam F. Goldberg, Bill Barretta, and Jeff Yorkes. The Muppets, created by Jim Henson, serve as the inspiration for the show’s main characters.

As well as Michael Bostick, Kris Eber, David Lightbody, and Leigh Slaughter, the executive producers include Goldberg, Barretta, and Yorkes. Back sometime in 2023, it was reported that production will begin on the series, and now it’s almost ready to debut.

The Muppets Mayhem Release Date

According to MovieWeb, The Muppets Mayhem has not yet been scheduled for a release. Disney Plus Informer announced in March that production on the series will begin in April and run through the summer. Since summer is coming to an end, it stands to reason that production on the show will end soon as well.

Fans should probably expect an announcement shortly. Fans of both The Muppets and the legendary rock band Electric Mayhem can’t wait for the premiere of this 10-part series.

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The new show’s episode count is yet unknown. ABC Signature and The Muppets Studio are responsible for producing the show.

The Muppets Mayhem Characters & Crew Members

For those who are familiar with the Electric Mayhem Band, Dr. Teeth serves as the band’s leader. But the popular drummer, Animal, has a history of stealing the spotlight. Of course, guitarists and other instrumentalists are essential to a band’s full sound.

Zoot, Lips, Janice, and Floyd are the other members of the Electric Mayhem Band who play instruments. Though their musical talent certainly helps, the band’s natural chemistry is what makes them an all-ages hit.

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It seems to reason that the Muppets’ particular brand of enchantment stems from the gifted human personalities behind the characters, and this explains the show’s enduring popularity. As a result, we must learn to identify those words.


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Dave Goelz (Zoot), David Rudman (Janice), Peter Linz (Lips), Matt Vogel (Sgt. Floyd Pepper), Bill Barretta (Dr. Teeth), and Eric Jacobson (Animal) are among the human cast members lending their voices to the Muppets in The Muppets Mayhem. And from what we can gather, Lilly Singh is the human equivalent who will guide the band toward realizing their goals.

Adam F. Goldberg, the creator of the hit ABC show The Goldbergs, is also the mind behind this original narrative. Considering his body of work, the appeal of this sort of undertaking is easy to see. His skill as a comedian and storyteller is undeniable.

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It may come as a surprise to learn that Goldberg, along with co-creators Bill Barretta and Jeff York, considers the Muppets to be a labor of love. Jonnie Davis, president of ABC Signature, reportedly had this to say about the three of them to CBR:

“Adam F. Goldberg is our resident Muppet enthusiast at Signature, and for him, Bill, and Jeff to get to play in the sandbox with Bill, a longtime Muppet performer, and these popular characters, was a dream come true.”

What Can We Expect From The Muppets Mayhem?

The series will chronicle The Electric Mayhem Band’s journey to the recording studio to create their debut album. Singh will play Nora, a junior A&R executive with a mission: to tame the chaos that is The Electric Mayhem Band.


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After enlisting Nora’s aid, the classic Muppet band must contend with the modern music industry to reach the top of the charts. Since the plot is still in development, we cannot provide any additional information at this time.


Nora, a junior A&R executive, must deal with the chaos generated by Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem as they strive to record their first platinum album in the modern music industry. For more details visit our website

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