Money Heist Spinoff Berlin Release Date: Who Are the Cast Members in It?

Berlin is a continuation of the hit Spanish series Money Heist, which can be seen on Netflix. This 2017 season marked the worldwide premiere of the Spanish Money Heist Spinoff Berlin Release Date crime series on Netflix. The series has aired for a total of five seasons, and since the conclusion of the most recent season, viewers have been begging for more Money Heist episodes.

Thus, Netflix is continuing to profit from one of its most popular shows, either through a South Korean adaptation or a full-fledged spinoff centered on Berlin, one of the show’s most prominent characters. What follows is a comprehensive guide to Berlin.

When Will Berlin Premiere on Netflix?

According to blogtobollywood, We are well aware of the fans’ enthusiasm for this spin-off series given the success of Money Heist. And ever since the series’ November 2021 announcement, fans have been counting down the days till its premiere. New information from Netflix confirms that Berlin will debut on the streaming service in December 2023, sending fans into a frenzy.

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Also, on December 29, 2023, Netflix will debut the premiere of Season 1 of Berlin. If you like money heists, you’re in for a treat because this heist will center on a fresh protagonist.

What is Berlin About?

The series, which has been shot in Spain and Madrid, will chronicle the life of Berlin, a skilled thief who died suddenly during the second season of the Netflix series Money Heist. Berlin’s narrative will begin before the Money Heist.

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While Season 5 of the main series did touch on Berlin’s history, there is still plenty we don’t know about this fan favorite. The truth is out: he’s been married five times before. The development of his relationship with his brother, The Professor, is also something we’re looking forward to.

Money Heist Spinoff Berlin Cast Members

It has been reported that “49-year-old actor Pedro Alonso alias Berlin has already been confirmed to be repeating his role in the prequel series” on What’s on Netflix. In addition to him, the following actors will be featured in the new series:

  • Michelle Jenner as Keila
  • Begoña Vargas as Cameron
  • Álvaro Morte as El Profesor
  • Diana Gómez as Tatiana
  • Julio Peña as Roi
  • Tristán Ulloa as Damián
  • Joel Sánchez as Bruce
  • Rodrigo de la Serna as Palermo

Where to Watch Berlin?

Netflix will be the sole streaming home for the impending Money Heist spinoff. Money Heist isn’t just responsible for Berlin, either. The Korean version of Money Heist was remade last year and shown under the title Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. They were fighting an uphill struggle.


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Nothing should be so drastically different from the source material that the only link between the two is the name. On the other hand, it couldn’t be a carbon copy of the original film; it would serve no purpose. Given the circumstances, they performed admirably.

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On the other hand, the Korean Money Heist is a whole new beast; these tales simply do not exist in the same world as the original. That is typical of Berlin.


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Even if it’s set in the past, Money Heist: The TV Series will expand the universe of the original series in the same manner that spinoffs like Better Call Saul and The House of the Dragon did with their respective parent series. We, whether or not we are supporters of Money Heist, are delighted for the fans who are looking forward to Berlin.

Is There Any Trailer?

The movie has not yet released a trailer. If you’re too excited, though, check out the announcement video down below:


In my opinion, the characters’ robust and compelling identities provide many opportunities for spinoffs. Our goal has always been to cast individuals with intricate, multifaceted appearances.

Now that I think about it, I believe that just about every single one of Money Heist’s characters possesses a dual nature that would make for interesting exploration in a spinoff. Any of them would be OK to watch in other settings. For more details please visit our website

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