The Peripheral Season 2 Release Date: What Could Happen in the Season 2?

It’s good news The Peripheral, the mind-bending science-fiction series starring Chlo Grace Moretz has been renewed for a second season, Prime Video said today. Amazon Studios Head of Television Vernon Sanders confirmed to Collider late last year that scripts for a second season of the show, based on the novel by William Gibson, were already being written. Unfortunately, we still don’t have any idea when the next season of The Peripheral will air.

Season 1 of The Peripheral made its bow exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories globally on October 21, 2022. The series is a joint effort between Amazon Studios, Warner Bros. Television, and Kilter Films.

“We are pleased to continue the trip into Season Two and explore further into the fantastic world that Gibson created,” said Kilter Films’ Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan upon hearing the news of a second season. They also extended their appreciation to both Amazon Studios and The Peripheral community, “On behalf of Scott Smith, Vincenzo Natali, and the entire crew, we’re grateful to our partners at Amazon and, most of all, to the fans.”


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With the announcement of the show’s renewal, Amazon’s Sanders added, “William’s mind-bending plot, in combination with the amazing minds of Scott and Jonathan and Lisa, delivered a memorable experience for our worldwide audience, and we’re happy with how they embraced the series.” As the story of this ambitious and original series develops, we hope to continue working with Warner Bros. and Kilter Films.

When Could The Peripheral Season 2 be Released?

According to screenrent, The Peripheral season 2 has not been officially announced, hence there is no set premiere date. Assuming the green light is given, however, season 2 of The Peripheral might launch in the first half of 2024. Season 1 of The Periphery took about as long to make as the average break between episodes of Amazon’s Prime Video original series.

Because of all the futuristic touches in 2099 London, the editing process is also crucial. Season one of The Peripheral finished filming almost a year before the opening episode became available to stream, and while the wait for season two is not expected to be quite as long, viewers should not count on a speedy turnaround.

What is ‘The Peripheral’ Season One About?

Flynne Fisher, played by Moretz, is the protagonist of the first season of The Peripheral, which is set in a dystopian America of 2032. Fisher, despite being bright and driven, is saddled with the responsibility of keeping her family together and facing an uncertain future.


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After a series of dramatic events, Fisher finds herself immersed in the fantastical realm of virtual and augmented reality. The series is based on the 2014 novel of the same name by the aforementioned Gibson.

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The Peripheral, Season 1 is now streaming on Prime Video. Moretz is joined in the cast by Jack Reynor, Gary Carr, Eli Goree, Louis Herthum, JJ Feild, T’Nia Miller, Charlotte Riley, Alexandra Billings, Adelind Horan, Alex Hernandez, Katie Leung, Julian Moore-Cook, Melinda Page Hamilton, Chris Coy, and Austin Rising in the first season.

The following trailer is highly recommended for viewing before rewatching all eight episodes of The Peripheral or viewing the show for the first time.

What Could Happen in the Peripheral Season 2?

Season 2 of The Peripheral will, from what we can gather at this early stage, focus on exploring more of Gibson’s novel. Gary Carr, one of the stars, has warned us to anticipate the unanticipated.

He started by saying, “Jonah and Lisa [executive producers] build things up, they take you on a journey for one season.” The second season is a complete 180 from the first, veering to the left or some other direction.


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Many people find that unsettling and prefer it be kept that way. However, one of the things I enjoy most about binge-watching a series is the feeling of boundless possibility and the plethora of new worlds that open up before my eyes. Furthermore, it seems as though you are not restricted to a specific narrative or framework. Allow yourself to be creative.”

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Ms. Riley Charlotte added: “That’s quite bold of them. Their ability to say, “you adore all these characters?” is impressive. Great! They simply don’t exist at this point. Here is a brand new cast of individuals.

“I’m not saying that’s going to happen, but I love how they surprise you like that. To give the people what they want, they are not afraid to kill their darlings.”

The Peripheral Season 2 Cast Members

Although nothing has been confirmed, it seems probable that Chlo Grace Moretz will reprise her role as Flynne Fisher and that the rest of the cast will be mostly the same.

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  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Flynne Fisher
  • Gary Carr as Wilf Netherton
  • Jack Reynor as Burton Fisher
  • Charlotte Riley as Aelita West
  • JJ Feild as Lev Zubov
  • T’Nia Miller as Cherise Nuland
  • Louis Herthum as Corbell Pickett
  • Katie Leung as Ash
  • Melinda Page Hamilton as Ella Fisher
  • Chris Coy as Jasper Baker
  • Eli Goree as Conner Penske
  • Alexandra Billings as Inspector Ainsley Lowbeer
  • Alex Hernandez as Tommy Constantine
  • Julian Moore-Cook as Ossian
  • Adelind Horan as Billy Ann Baker
  • Austin Rising as Leon

Is There a Trailer for the Peripheral Season 2?

No season 2 trailer has been released as of yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as one is available.


The ex-showrunner of Westworld hopes the show will be renewed for additional seasons. Those of you who enjoy The Peripheral are in luck. This Prime Video original series will return for a second season. Smith borrowed a page from Damon Lindelof’s playbook when writing the series The Peripheral, which is based on Gibson’s novel. For more details please visit our website

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