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Top Chef Season 20 Release Date: Who Are the Season 20 Judges?

In its eleven seasons since its debut in 2006, Top Chef has radically altered the food industry and the world’s collective perception of cooking. That’s exactly what the 20th season of the critically acclaimed and Emmy-winning reality program focuses on. The first-ever “World All-Stars” competition in the franchise will feature familiar stars from localized versions of the program from around the globe.

Find out when season 20 will premiere, where it was filmed, and which nations will be represented in this article.

Top Chef Season 20 Release Date

According to Parade, Thursday, January 25, 2023: New York, New York For the next momentous 20th season of Bravo’s “Top Chef,” which will be filmed in London, England, NBCUniversal has unveiled the most mouthwatering display of integrated and out-of-show corporate collaborations before.


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World-renowned companies like Anolon Cookware, BMW of North America, Delta Air Lines, Finish Dishwasher Detergent and Additives, Mastercard, Morton Salt, RITZ Crackers, Saratoga(R) Spring Water, Universal Pictures’ “Fast X,” and Vrbo are partnering with “Top Chef” for this special season, World All-Stars so that fans all over the world can enjoy the competition and delicious dishes.

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This season’s brand partners will enrich the viewing experience for foodies everywhere, from exciting grand prizes to engaging branded Quickfire and Elimination challenges and social moments. Winner of multiple awards, including the Emmy, the James Beard Award, and the Critics’ Choice Television Award, the series will make its debut on Thursday, March 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Where is Top Chef Season 20 Filming?

Season 20 of Top Chef moves to London. For the first time, the season is predominantly set in a location outside of the United States. Several prior seasons’ chefs had traveled abroad for the final rounds.


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The United Kingdom’s Food Minister, Victoria Prentis, is thrilled that Top Chef has picked London for its first season filmed outside the United States. “We have every reason to be proud of the high quality of the food and drink that is made in the United Kingdom.

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Our cuisine and drink, from Scottish salmon and Welsh lamb to Northern Irish beef and English sparkling wine, is well-known for their deliciousness and high quality around the world. The United Kingdom is a great location for the culinary competition series because of the enthusiasm, history, and competence of its food and drink industry, the country’s largest manufacturing sector.

Who Are the Season 20 Top Chef Judges?

Padma Lakshmi is coming back for her second season as host and judge. To help her out, Tom Colicchio, the show’s head judge, has invited Gail Simmons to join the panel. Additionally, “distinguished judges from the international editions, and respected worldwide culinary experts,” will make guest appearances this season.

What Alumni Are Involved in Top Chef Season 20?

Top Chef decided against inviting any more American alums to serve as guest judges because so many of them were already cast, members. Aquiles Chavez (Judge, Top Chef Mexico), Hélène Darroze (Judge, Top Chef France), Lorna Maseko (Host, Top Chef South Africa), Martha Ortiz (Judge, Top Chef Mexico), and Dave Zilber (Judge, Top Chef Mexico) will all be on the panel (Judge, Top Chef Canada).

What Types of Challenges Will Happen in Top Chef Season 20?

Multiple difficulties were listed in the season’s official press release. “The chefs will compete in a variety of renowned locales in and around London, from preparing a picnic at Highclere Castle to going head to head at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. From Beef Wellington and biscuits to pub grub and afternoon tea, these Michelin-starred chefs will present their unique takes on classic British dishes.


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“The stakes are raised even further this season on Restaurant Wars when Michelin-starred chef Clare Smyth hands over her kitchen and employees to the competing teams. However, the teams will be taken aback when they learn that an unseen critic will be part of the panel of judges.

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Cheftestants will need to be on their game to impress Padma and the judges with their Indian cuisine during the season’s quickest Elimination Challenge. The final round of Top Chef World All-Star is about to take place in Paris, and with the world’s top chefs competing, the stakes could not be greater.

Who Are the Top Chef Season 20 Contestants?

Take a look at the contestants below:

  • Samuel Albert (winner, of Top Chef France, Season 10)
  • Luciana Berry (winner, of Top Chef Brazil, Season 2)
  • Charbel Hayek (winner, Top Chef Middle East & North Africa, Season 5: Saudi Arabia)
  • Buddha Lo (winner, of Bravo’s Top Chef, Season 19: Houston)
  • Dale MacKay (winner, of Top Chef Canada, Season 1)
  • May Phattanant Thongthong (finalist, Top Chef Thailand, Season 1)
  • Begoña Rodrigo (winner, Top Chef Spain, Season 1)
  • Gabriel Rodriguez (winner, of Top Chef Mexico, Season 2)
  • Amar Santana (finalist, Bravo’s Top Chef, Season 13: California)
  • Sylvia Stachyra (winner, of Top Chef Poland, Season 7)
  • Sara Bradley (finalist, Bravo’s Top Chef, Season 16: Kentucky)
  • Dawn Burrell (finalist, Bravo’s Top Chef, Season 18: Portland)
  • Ali Ghzawi (winner, Top Chef Middle East & North Africa, Season 3: Lebanon)
  • Tom Goetter (finalist, Top Chef Germany, Season 1)
  • Nicole Gomes (winner, Top Chef Canada, Season 5: All-Stars)
  • Victoire Gouloubi (finalist, Top Chef Italy, Season 2)

What Does the Top Chef Winner Get?

The Saratoga Brand will provide the winner of Top Chef Season 20 with $250,000, and the winner will also be featured in Food & Wine magazine and invited to participate in Aspen’s annual “Food & Wine Classic.” Beginning with Season 17, the total amount of the prize pool was increased.


Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, and Gail Simmons, judges from previous seasons, will be joined by international edition judges and world-renowned chefs from around the world for the duration of the competition. The grand prize is $250,000. The premiere date for the upcoming season is March 9, 2023. For more details please visit our website

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