Zombieverse Release Date: Who Are the Survivors?

The Korean unscripted shows scheduled to premiere on Netflix in 2023 have been announced, and Zombieverse is one of them. You’ll find every piece of information you need about this new reality show right here.

Co-created by Park Jin-Kyung and Moon Sang-don, Zombieverse is a reality show about surviving in a zombie apocalypse. In addition, Kakoa Entertainment collaborated on its production.

It’s hard not to be reminded of the classic zombie drama All of Us Are Dead. True story: that show’s art department contributed to the creation of this show’s set, ensuring its photorealism. And in case you were wondering, yes, zombies do play a role.

As soon as Zombieverse debuts on Netflix, it will spark widespread conversation. Keep reading to learn the rest of the essential information about the reality show.

Zombieverse Release Date

According to whatsonnetflix, The bad news is that there is no foreseeable release date at this time. Since production is over, though, we anticipate the show to debut on Netflix sometime in 2023.

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The third quarter of 2023 is when the reality show will premiere, per Variety. This puts its arrival anywhere from July 1st to September 30th. It would be ideal if Netflix could roll out the new show sometime in the first half of July. You can count on us to spread the news once a release date has been set.

What is Zombieverse?

The survivors of a zombie apocalypse in Seoul, South Korea, must rely on one another to find supplies including food, water, transportation, and shelter in the reality television series Zombieverse. The competitors are assigned chores to accomplish every day to acquire the resources they need, but if any of them are “bit” they are eliminated.

Zombieverse release date

My Little Television’s Park Jin-Kyung and HeyMoon !’s Sang-don. In Korea for the First Time? cooperated on the show’s production.

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Through ‘Zombieverse,’ I worked with Netflix for the first time, and production is already finished. It’s a TV show that began with the inquiry, “What would happen if zombies existed?” It’ll be intriguing to see if any of the candidates take on the roles of heroes, villains, or neutral observers.

Fans of All of Us Are Dead will be even more enthralled to learn that the creative team behind the project is working on it and that the choreographers behind Kingdom are training all of the extras hired to play the zombies.

Who Are the Survivors?

On the list of survivors we’ve seen, we can recognize a few names;

Lee Si Young, who played the lead role of Seo Yi Kyung in the first season of Sweet Home, will be back for the show’s second and third installments. Famous for his roles in The Hungry and the Hairy and March of the Ants, Noh Hong Chul is a staple of Korean television entertainment.

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New World alumna and stand-up comedian Park Na Rae is from South Korea. Kim Cheol, as DinDin, is a famous rapper and TV host in his home country of South Korea. Former member of the Japanese girl group 7+ME LINK and current member of Billie, Fukutomi Tsuki is a popular Japanese vocalist.

Zombieverse release date

South Korean baseball player Yoo Hee Kwan now suits up for the Doosan Bears. Influential YouTuber The series will also feature Jonathan as a lead character. Jonathan has appeared in one episode of Racket Boys, a show available on Netflix. One of the candidates will be Patricia, a popular YouTuber and TV performer from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Zombieverse Trailer

Take a look at the Zombieverse Trailer below:


Who will survive the zombie virus’s rampage over Seoul and complete perilous objectives while avoiding the living dead? Any participant bitten by a zombie during the simulation must be eliminated from the competition. For more details visit our website Jerseyshorevibe.com

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