Jinx Chapter 14 Release Date Update: Spoiler, Recap And Streaming Platform Details!

Jinx Chapter 14 will be back with another thrilling chapter that will change the way Kim and Joo’s relationship is going. When it comes to BL pairing, these two are the worst. Their relationship is completely transactional, with no feelings attached.

Kim sells his body to Joo and works as his doctor during the day. He also visits him in the gym. And this makes Kim’s already terrible life even worse since he’s stuck in a maze where all roads lead to a dead end.

Kim’s life started to look up when he paid off his debts and his grandmother’s hospital bills. But because he was busy with Joo, he didn’t do the other things he needed to do. One of the things he did not take care of was his health, and the other was checking the demolition. He has one week to move out of the apartment, or he will be taken to court for not doing so.

Overview of Jinx Chapter 14

  • Release Date of Jinx Ch.14: February 16 and 17, 2023
  • What happened in Ch.13: Kim gets help from Joo after passing out during their session, Joo shows concern and asks Kim to take care of his health, gives Kim advance money to move out
  • Spoiler for Ch.14: Joo’s performance in a fight is affected, and Kim goes to find out what happened, the chapter will reveal what happened in their session after Joo gave Kim advance
  • Where to Watch: Jinx Ch.14 on Lezhin Comics, other recommendations: That Girl Is Cute…But Dangerous? and Gachiakuta.

Release Date of Jinx Chapter 14

Jinx Chapter 14 will come out in the following places on February 16 and 17, 2023.

Timezone Date and Time
Pacific Daylight Time 8.00 AM PDT, February 16, 2023
Central Daylight Time 10.00 AM CDT, February 16, 2023
Eastern Daylight Time 11.00 AM EDT, February 16, 2023
British Summer Time 4.00 PM BST, February 16, 2023
Indian Standard Time 8.30 PM IST, February 16, 2023
Singapore Standard Time 11.00 PM SGT, February 16, 2023
Philippines Standard Time 11.00 PM PST, February 16, 2023
Korean Standard Time Midnight KST, February 17, 2023
Japanese Standard Time Midnight JST, February 17, 2023

Recap: What Happened in Jinx Chapter 13?

In Jinx Chapter 13, we saw Kim getting help after he passed out during his session with Joo. This time, Joo was worried and called a hospital doctor to check on him. The doctor is someone who knows a lot about MMA fighters and gave Kim a thorough look.

But it turns out that he likes the same kinds of things as Joo when it comes to having fun. He even asked Joo where he met Kim and if he knew anyone else like her. Joo made Kim a meal when he woke up later, and he was also told to take care of his health. Kim hadn’t been taking care of himself the whole time, so he was surprised when Joo told him.

Jinx Chapter 14

This was also the first time Joo asked Kim nicely, so Kim was naturally interested in what had happened while he was gone. But his questions were answered since Joo usually keeps things to himself. But Joo gave Kim his advance money so that he could move out and eat well until they met again.

Spoiler: What Will Happen in Jinx Chapter 14?

Jinx Chapter 14 will tell us what happened in the session after Joo treated Kim to food and gave him advance. Joo wanted to go to the bathroom before the match, even though athletes aren’t allowed to do that in MMA or any other sport. He had asked Kim to be at least healthy enough for the doctor to be able to handle him while they were together. But it didn’t go the way Joo had planned.

Jinx Chapter 14

Joo’s performance in the fight was affected, and he wasn’t able to fight properly. Kim will go to him right away to find out what happened to the big guy. He will also say what had happened between them the night before that made his performance drop so much. But on the bright side, this issue won’t have any of the bad stuff, at least not the kind that made you feel bad for Kim.

Where to Watch Jinx Chapter 14

Lezhin Comics will have Jinx Chapter 14 for you to read. You might also be interested in That Girl Is Cute… But Dangerous? is a series about a guy who falls in love with a beautiful girl who has a lot of warning signs. And it’s too late for him to find out because he’s already involved with her. Or, you can read the new manga series Gachiakuta, which is said to be one of the next big things in the manga industry.

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