Agent Elvis Release Date: What is the Plotline We Expect From It?

We didn’t anticipate that in 2023, Elvis Presley would be the focus of an animated series on Netflix in which he would be portrayed as a superhero.

After Austin Butler’s Oscar-nominated performance as the star, the 2019 series announcement revealed that Matthew McConaughey would provide the voice of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Since then, a trailer and other information on the show’s creators, Priscilla Presley and John Eddie, have been released. You could argue that fans are completely confused.

Synopsis: “Elvis Presley switches in his jumpsuit for a jet pack when he is discreetly enrolled into a secret government spy program to battle the evil forces that threaten the country he loves, all while holding down his day job as the King of Rock and Roll.”

A chimpanzee will serve as Elvis’ sidekick and travel companion throughout the series.

Agent Elvis Release Date

According to Radiotimes, Agent Elvis, when it premieres later this Spring, will make Netflix its exclusive streaming home. Animated comedy aimed at adults has quickly become a subscriber favorite, and now virtually every major streaming provider offers at least one. Similar shows can be found on Hulu (Solar Opposites, 2020–) and HBO (Smiling Friends, 2020–), and Netflix (various).

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With a catalog as strong as it, Agent Elvis looks to be another winner. Elvis Presley’s racy animated adventure is scheduled to premiere on Netflix in March 2023. Netflix has not yet announced a release date or release schedule for all ten episodes of the series, but with March quickly approaching, we should have more information shortly.

Who’s Cast in Agent Elvis?

Matthew McConaughey, who won an Oscar for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club, will be fine in the lead role of Agent Elvis. Although Kubo and the Two Strings (2016) and both Sing films have given McConaughey expertise in the animated art form, this will be his debut part in an animated television series. Cast members for the rest of the show have not been announced.

Who’s Making Agent Elvis?

Because of Priscilla Presley’s involvement, we may rest assured that the show would honor her late husband in both its content and tone, which may veer towards the ludicrous. Priscilla is no new to comedy, though; she co-starred with Leslie Nielsen in The Naked Gun films and is widely recognized for her work in the genre.

Together with musician John Eddie, for whom Agent Elvis is his first experience in show running, Presley is credited with co-creating the program. In addition to Fletcher Moules, director of the film Intergalactic, Eddie will be co-show running the series with Mike Arnold.

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Fletcher, together with Gary Ye, director of Devil May Care (2021), will helm the series. Character designer Robert Valley (Love, Death & Robots), costume designer John Varvatos (Unknown), and composer Tyler Bates round out the team.

Art Director Chris Thompson (Kaleidoscope) and Editor Josué Sánchez (Diente de Leche) also contributed (Guardians of the Galaxy). Priscilla Presley, Mike Arnold, Antonio Canobbio, Ben Kalina, Chris Prynoski, Shannon Prynoski, Marc Rosen, and Jamie Salter are all recognized as executive producers for the show.

What is the Plot of Agent Elvis?

You’ll have to tune in to find out more about the narrative, but the preview suggests that Elvis will be trading in his usual hip-shaking and singing to take on the evil powers that threaten the United States in a covert spy mission.

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Elvis is seen on the moon, firing a rifle, completing his secret agent training, and taking out into the sunset in the trailer, so it’s safe to assume that the film will feature plenty of exciting scenes.

Agent Elvis Trailer Details

The ladies open up about their dating histories and the importance of letting your guard down. Fragments of open, honest communication with other showgoers are shown.


When he enlists in a top-secret government intelligence operation to help fight the evil forces that threaten the United States, Elvis gives up the jumpsuit in favor of a jetpack.

We don’t know if anyone else from Elvis’s life will be there beside Scatter, his trusty sidekick, or President Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon, but it would be rather humorous if one of those “evil forces” mentioned in the narrative turns out to be none other than Elvis’s shady manager, Colonel Tom Parker. For more details visit our website

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