BMF Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date: Why Is the New ‘BMF’ Episode Delayed?

BMF Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date will be available for watching on the following day. Each week’s premiere of a new episode is great. But it’s not so fun when the water stops flowing. A program must occasionally pause, though, for reasons beyond our control.

Fans will just have to deal with the fact that Starz delayed the premiere of the latest episode of BMF despite their high expectations.

The American crime drama series about the Black Mafia Family, produced by Randy Huggins and premiering in 2021, was an instant hit.

BMF season 2 episode 6 has been delayed, which is disappointing news for the show’s loyal audience.

BMF Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date

According to HITC, BMF Season 2 Episode 6 has been rescheduled to air on February 17, 2023. Consequently, the delay in releasing the sequel (working title: “Homecoming”) will be minimal at most, clocking in at just one week.


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The plan is to follow Meech and Terry as they take a product from Atlanta to Detroit to make a big splash in the local market. In the meantime, Meech meets up with Sterling and the PA Boys, who are just as dedicated to eliminating Lamar.

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Starz hasn’t said why the premiere was pushed back, although it likely wasn’t supposed to air until after the Super Bowl, which would have trumped everything else for sports fans.

BMF Season 2 Episode 6 Cast Members: Who Are In it?

Take a look at the BMF Season 2 Episode 6 cast members below:

  • Demetrius’s nickname is ‘Lil Meech.
  • Michole Lucille Flenory is played by Briana White.
  • Red is played by Tye Alexander.
  • Mustafa Harris in the Role of an Elder Flenory, Terry
  • Désirée is played by DeGayle Jackson.
  • Rayan Lawrence in the role of K-9
  • Filmel is played by Markice Moore.
  • Tiny is played by Christian Robinson.
  • Katana is played by Takeshi L. Walker.
  • Teddy Van Gough in the role of Ticket Master
  • Donnie Noel is played by Tyler Antonius.
  • Lamont is played by Dominic Kingston Bell.
  • Rafael Castillo plays Nedo.
  • Mr. Ryan is played by Michael H. Cole.
  • Sarah Cool as a Hospital Staff Physician
  • Forte, Robert Shannon III is the first Rival Street member.
  • Tyshon Freeman in the role of Hoop

Why is the New ‘BMF’ Episode Delayed?

The original premiere date for episode 206 was this past Friday, the 10th of February. There is conjecture that the Super Bowl is to blame for Starz’s lack of explanation for the reaction, but the company has not confirmed this.

Even though BMF has moved to Fridays, many individuals will likely spend the weekend celebrating with loved ones and attending Super Bowl parties instead of watching the show.


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Because of the delay, the series conclusion will now coincide in airtime with the third season premiere of Power Book II: Ghost.

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Furthermore, season 2 of BMF will feature a whopping 10 episodes, much to the delight of viewers as opposed to the first season’s meager eight. In the meantime, the brothers are reestablishing themselves in Detroit and planning to expand their operations to Atlanta. There will be a lot more surprises disclosed this season, though.

Christine Horn, who plays Maybel Jones, told Variety, “I’m anxious for everyone to witness how the Flenory family gets tested freshly.” Since their sons started this massive drug operation, they had a lot on their plates. Still, some aspects speak to the core of the family unit and how we face difficulties like any other. There will be a lot of excitement and tension brought about by this. The upcoming episodes will uncover many shocking details.

What do We Know About the ‘BMF’ Spinoffs?

A larger BMF Universe is being created. The BMF Universe, as stated by executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, will be rebranded as BMF Immortal. The rapper/director/producer made the announcement on the red carpet at the BMF Season 2 premiere, although Deadline says that the spinoffs are still in the development phases.


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More details on the upcoming spinoffs, of which there will be at least three, will be provided at a later date. It has also been reported that the property would likely remain with Starz even though the producer has decided not to renew his contract with the network.

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Fans of BMF are anticipating the release of the first spinoff now that the show has been renewed for a third season.

BMF Season 2 Episode 6 Trailer

As luck would have it, you can check out a short preview of BMF Season 2 Episode 6 right here:


People that enjoy the BMF can do it on several different websites. We recommend Starz Play, the official OTT service from the Starz channel. New episodes of BMF are only available on Netflix, but if you subscribe to other services like Hulu, DirectTV, or Fubo TV, you can view them there. For more details please visit our website

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