The Bachelor Episode 6 Release Date: Who Will Leave the Bachelor Show?

This coming Monday, ABC will air the next brand-new episode of Season 26 of The Bachelor. Clayton Echard’s number of potential suitors has been decreasing with each season and is expected to fall further lower in the next episode.

It’s been hinted that the level of drama on this week’s episode of The Bachelor will be the highest yet. There would be a series of challenging choices that Echard would have to make.

The Bachelor Episode 6 Release Date

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, at 8:00 PM ET on ABC, a brand new episode will premiere. Hulu subscribers also get access to it. Those who don’t have cable subscriptions can also choose from several streaming options.

Shanae Ankney or Genevieve Parisi: Who Will Leave the Bachelor?

The events of Episode 5 will carry over into Episode 6. Echard has taken Shanae Ankney and Genevieve Parisi on a “2-on-1” date, which means that only one of the ladies will be brought back with the bachelor.

In the prior episode, Ankney had high hopes for her chances of success in the “game,” as she calls it. She’s already sent a few women packing by using Echard as a pawn, and in Episode 6 she’ll do it again. Can she make it? The future has the answer.

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Parisi was angered when she saw preview footage of their date in which Echard questioned her allegiance to him.

What Does Mara Accuse Echard of?

The lead character on The Bachelor will have to cope with both Shanae and Mara Agrait, who are both very dramatic. The second individual is shown accusing Echard of choosing an immature female partner.

A 32-year-old woman said in the advertisement video:


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The truth is that I have been very forthright with you. As a result, I am now more susceptible to harm. In a nutshell, I’m a sugary, adorable, flirtatious good time. Everything you’ve mentioned that you need to be done, I’ve already done. Not only that, but I have received no compensation. You’ve made it very clear that marriage, kids, and the long haul are your top priorities. but the women you’re interested in don’t reflect that.

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The two then go on to speculate that Sarah Hamrick, the show’s youngest contestant, is not yet ready for marriage. Echard seeks guidance from show presenter Jesse Palmer in a different video, and Palmer offers some helpful insight.

Preview Shows Clayton Echard Questioning Genevieve Parisi’s Loyalty

After the most recent episode of The Bachelor concluded, a preview clip for the next show appeared. Echard sat on a bench in between the two women and questioned Parisi’s allegiance. There is a lot of tension between the three actors; Parisi became annoyed when Echard asked her whether she was being manipulative and dishonest.

Echard picked up a single rose and walked away to deliberate his next move. But Ankney is caught on tape saying that she wishes she could shove Parisi down the edge of Niagara Falls. She said she was planning to remove Parisi from the show, just like she did with Elizabeth Corrigan and Sierra Jackson.

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Time will tell if Echard will learn from his blunder and not give a rose to Ankney again. The sixth episode of The Bachelor airs on ABC at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, February 14. (ET).

The Bachelor Episode 5 Recap

Ankney’s crocodile tears and phony apology added a lot of drama to Episode 5. Echard disregarded the concerns of the other suitors’ ladies and presented Ankney with the final rose.

As a result of not receiving the rose, Lyndsey Windham, Jill Chin, and Sierra Jackson departed the competition. Parisi, Ankney, Teddi Wright, Susie Evans, Eliza Isichei, Mara Agrait, Hunter Haag, Gabby Windey, Sarah Hamrick, Serene Russell, Rachel Recchia, and Marlena Wesh are the suitors that have made it to the next show.

Russell Peters, comedian, and guest on the sixth show, skewered both presenter Jesse Palmer and guest star Echard. At this point, the suit dresses were given the chance to set fire to their rivals and Echard.

In the most recent episode of The Bachelor, the dashing bachelor embarked on two separate solo dates. There was two dates total; the first was with Russell to an amusement park, and the second was with Windey.

The Bachelor Episode 6 Trailer

Take a look at the trailer below:


During the group date, the other girls compete in knightly challenges for the chance to win a rose, channeling their inner gladiators in the process. For more details visit our website

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