Dexter New Blood Season 2 Release Date: Who Could Star in a Second Season?

Here’s something that might pique the attention of the many people waiting for the second season of Dexter: New Blood. It was made clear at the end of the Dexter spinoff that the main character will be able to make a comeback. In the program, he is living a quiet life as Jim Lindsay in the fictional hamlet of Iron Lake, New York, until his son Harrison shows up and disrupts everything.

When Showtime’s new series Dexter launched that November of 2021, it immediately became the network’s most-watched program. The series finale was intended as a conclusion to Dexter’s arc, but the show’s popularity suggests there could be a second season dubbed “Dexter: New Blood.” Check out the rest of this page for the latest information on the potential return of Dexter New Blood for a second season.

Dexter New Blood Season 2 Release Date

According to Wbdstbt, Whether or not Dexter New Blood will be renewed for a second season remains unknown. Creator and showrunner Clyde Phillips has stated his interest in writing more on Dexter and Rita Morgan’s biological son Harrison.


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Phillips told Deadline, “As I stated, this program is a terrific benefit.” I do not doubt that the number of viewers will keep growing as soon as the series is finished and people begin binge-watching it. How much of it air depends on Showtime’s interest.

I would enthusiastically say “yes” to another season if asked. There are a lot of things I need to do right now, but if you offered me a spot in this show, I’d accept.

Dexter New Blood Season 2 Cast Members: Who Could Star in a Second Season?

Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan/Jim Lindsay/Bay Harbor Butcher), Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan), Jack Alcott, and Julia Jones star in the first season of “Dexter: New Blood” (Kurt Caldwell). Johnny Sequoyah and Alano Miller join John Lithgow and David Zayas in the cast (Angel Batista).

All of Paul’s friends from the first season of The Walking Dead have perished, except Charlotte in the second. Similar to how Dexter’s suffering was redirected through Harry and Deb, Harrison’s anguish could be channeled through his father.

The remaining actors are scheduled to make a comeback. It’s also possible that as the show goes on, other characters will be introduced to round out the world.

Dexter New Blood Season 2 Plotline: What Can We Expect?

Season one ends with Dexter’s capture in the episode “Sins of the Father.” Angela learns that Kurt murdered the ladies who had left messages on her wall, including Iris, Molly, and the others.

Dexter is confronted by Harrison, who claims that he has violated his code of ethics by murdering Logan to get to his son. After Angela assures Dexter he will never be welcome back, Harrison murders him but lets him leave.

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Harrison may visit Los Angeles in season 2 of Dexter New Blood if his dad decides to make the move. It will be simple for him to appease the Dark Passenger here if it awakens. At some time, Audrey might tag along, and Harrison’s half-siblings might show up as well.

Dexter New Blood Season 1 Review

I was relieved to see that Dexter would be returning for this season. To this day, Dexter remains one of the few television series I can watch from beginning to end multiple times without tiring of it. From its beginning to its middle, Dexter: New Blood is a fairly entertaining thriller.


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Although the original finale was disappointing, this one is far more so. If a series is good overall, then I won’t penalize it for having one bad episode, and I’m not one of those folks who feel a bad finale wrecks the whole thing for them. Of course, this program might well be the one that breaks the mold.

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That’s how horrible the story ends. Any Dexter fan would benefit from seeing Michael C. Hall reprise his role as Dexter, thus I still suggest this. It’s interesting enough to watch on its own. Simply anticipate feeling let down by the story’s last act.

Why a Prequel Could Be Better Than Dexter New Blood Season 2?

Since Dexter’s story was concluded in Dexter’s New Blood, it would be pointless to carry on the Dexter mythos through Harrison. Forgetting everything he gained from Season 1 and giving Dexter’s death little significance, Harrison would be doomed to repeat Season 2’s struggles with his Dark Passenger.


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As a result, a prequel is the only viable choice for the Dexter franchise. Although there are numerous potential protagonists for a Dexter prequel, one possibility is to focus on Dr. Evelyn Vogel and her approach to patient care. Dr. Vogel collaborated with Dexter’s dad Harry on the coding, as shown in Season 8 of Dexter.

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If Charlotte Rampling’s Dr. Vogel is retained for future episodes, the show’s themes might be continued without requiring Harrison to relearn what he learned in Dexter: New Blood. The prequel might also focus on young Harry and Dexter and investigate Dr. Vogel’s techniques.

Episode Number Title Air Date Summary
1 “Cold Snap” November 7, 2021 A harsh winter storm and unforeseen events force Dexter Morgan out of his new guise and back into the world of killing in upstate New York.
2 “Storm of Fuck” November 14, 2021 Dexter’s attraction to his new neighbor, Angela Bishop, comes while he’s dealing with the aftermath of his most recent murder. At the same time, Kurt Caldwell is attempting to hide his wrongdoings.
3 “Smoke Signals” November 21, 2021 Dexter considers killing Angela when she begins to suspect his motives. Meanwhile, Dexter finds out the truth about Kurt.
4 “H is for Hero” November 28, 2021 Dexter follows a trail of clues about a missing individual to a high school student who may be in danger. Also, Kurt is attempting to frame Dexter for murder.
5 “Runaway” December 5, 2021 Dexter tries to help an old friend find her missing kid and ends up learning that she may have been engaged in a murder. Meanwhile, Kurt’s instability grows.
6 “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches” December 12, 2021 Despite Dexter’s efforts, his shadowy passenger threatens to derail his relationship with Angela. Kurt’s plan to eliminate Dexter, meantime, is in high gear.
7 “Skin of Her Teeth” December 19, 2021 As the romance between Dexter and Angela heats up, everyone’s safety is threatened by Dexter’s fixation with Kurt. Likewise, Harrison makes an effort to settle into his new home of Iron Lake.
8 “Uninvited Guest” January 9, 2022 Dexter is getting ready to commit his big kill when an old friend pays him an unexpected visit. While everything is going on, Angela learns more about her friend’s disappearance.
9 “The Family Business” January 16, 2022 When Dexter’s plan to eliminate Kurt backfires, he must make a tough choice. While all is going on, Harrison learns the truth about his dad.
10 “The Last Curtain” January 23, 2022 Dexter’s history comes back to haunt him in the season finale, which also features a last fight between him and Kurt. Meanwhile, Harrison is in a catch-22 with his parents.

Dexter New Blood Season 2 Trailer?

Since season 2 of Dexter: New Blood hasn’t even been confirmed, we probably won’t get any footage any time soon. We guarantee that you will be informed of any new information we uncover. However, stay tuned for more timely information shortly.


Showtime decided against making a second season of Dexter: New Blood, but it may have been for the best. Showtime canceled the second season of Dexter: New Blood at the end of January 2023 in favor of developing a prequel series for the Dexter franchise.

Several days after the announcement that Showtime and Paramount+ will be merging their streaming services, this news broke. Although the cancellation of Dexter: New Blood by Showtime may have angered some viewers, the show’s first season’s contentious conclusion demonstrated why Dexter’s journey had to come to a close. For more details visit our website

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