Killer Seven Season 4 Episode 7 Release Date: Available on Bilibili And Netflix!

Scissor Seven or Killer Seven is a good place for a story about a well-known killer. There is a twist to it, though. It’s not a serious and flashy story about a killer. Instead, it’s a humble and funny story about the same thing. When our main character fails an assassination course for professionals, he has no choice but to open a salon as a safe place. He hasn’t given up. His mishaps and adventures in a fun slice-of-life comedy show how assassination can be a white-collar job from a different point of view.

Seven, who is the main character in “Killer Seven,” has special skills. He can move scissors with his mind and can make himself look like anything. Wu was a genius child, but now he can’t remember anything about his childhood. He has lost his memory. So, Seven is on a quest to get back the memories he lost.

He is a hairdresser at Chicken Dai Bo’s salon. Chicken Dai Bo tells Seven to kill his targets. The tone of this animated show is set by how funny his attempts to kill his targets fail. But we find out that Seven is trying very hard to be an assassin, and he might not be the right person for the job. He saves the day for his targets and keeps them alive, which shows that he doesn’t have the ruthlessness and calmness of an assassin.

This series has themes of soul-searching, love, friendship, and fun. “Scissor Seven” or “Killer Seven,” as it is also known, is widely praised by the public. It was made by He Xiaofeng, and AHA Entertainment and Sharefun Studio are in charge of making it.

Overview of Killer Seven Season 4 Episode 7

Topic Details
Title Scissor Seven or Killer Seven
Genre Animated comedy-drama, action, adventure
Plot The show is about an unsuccessful killer who opens a hair salon, and his adventures
Main character Seven, a hairdresser, who has special abilities and lost his memory
Themes Soul-searching, love, friendship, and fun
Production He Xiaofeng, AHA Entertainment, and Sharefun Studio
Release Date Season 4, Episode 7 will be released on February 22, 2023
Ratings IMDb rating of 8.4/10 and Rotten Tomatoes audience rating of 94%
Streaming Season 4 is available on Bilibili, while past seasons are available on Netflix
Social Media Fans can follow the official “Killer Seven” Weibo account and Catsuka Twitter page for updates.

Release Date of Killer Seven Season 4 Episode 7

“Scissor Seven” or “Killer Seven” Season 4 Episode 7 will come out on February 22, 2023. It will be available all over the world at the following times:

Time Zone Date Time
China Standard Time Feb 22 12:00 PM CST
Pacific Daylight Time Feb 21 8:00 PM PDT
Central Daylight Time Feb 21 11:00 PM CDT
Eastern Daylight Time Feb 21 11:00 PM EDT
British Summer Time Feb 22 5:00 AM BST
Indian Standard Time Feb 22 9:30 AM IST
Singapore Standard Time Feb 22 12:00 PM SGT
Philippines Standard Time Feb 22 12:00 PM PST
Korean Standard Time Feb 22 1:00 PM KST
Japanese Standard Time Feb 22 1:00 PM JST
Australia Eastern Standard Time Feb 22 2:00 PM AEST

Cast: Who Will Star in Killer Seven Season 4 Episode 7?

Killer Seven Season 4 Episode 7

Scissor Seven is an elite anime series from China that has topped the charts, which demonstrates that the cast of this anime, which includes Ronny Chieng as Seven, Aleks Le as Da Fei, Karen Huie as Chairman Jang, Passerby, Broadcaster, and Rich Woman, Jennie Kwan as Thirteen, and many others, is also at the top of the charts.

Ratings of Killer Seven Season 4 Episode 7

Everyone judges a show by how many stars it has. Most of the time, the ratings are the best way to tell if a show will stay on the air. The higher the ratings, the more likely it is that you will live. The show has a good rating of 8.4/10 on IMDb, and the average audience rating is 94% on Rottentomatoes.

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Where to Watch Killer Seven Season 4 Episode 7

Aha Entertainment, the production company of the fan-favorite Chinese animated series “Killer Seven,” has confirmed that the fourth season will show on Bilibili. The seventh episode of the animated series will debut on the following Wednesday on Bilibili. On Bilibili, viewers may see both previous and upcoming episodes. The remaining episodes of the past seasons are accessible on Netflix, so viewers can watch them at their leisure.

Killer Seven Season 4 Episode 7

Season 4 of “Killer Seven” has not yet been officially released or announced on Netflix, however, it is rumored to be available for streaming this fall. Fans can access the official “Killer Seven” Weibo account for the latest updates on the animated series. Catsuka is the official Twitter page where “Killer Seven”-related information is disseminated.

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