Is Re:Zero Season 3 Release Date Confirmed? Only Available on Crunchyroll and HBO Max!

Fans are worried about how long they will have to wait for Re:Zero: Season 3 because it took about five years between the first and second seasons. That’s a hard question to answer, especially since announcements about new franchise projects usually come out of the blue.

We haven’t heard anything official about the next season. That’s a bummer to hear, but the franchise has always kept going between mainline seasons by putting out movies and spin-off shows, so even if the third season is a long way off, we should see more of the isekai anime at some point. Here’s everything you need to know about Re:Zero: Season 3 if you’ve been looking forward to its return.

Overview of Re: Zero Season 3

Topic Information
Release Date No official announcement yet, fall 2024 is a guess
Cast Information not provided
Spoilers “Stars that Engrave History” light novel arc
Emilia and friends go to Watergate City to see Anastasia, but Witch Cult takes over
Where to Watch Likely on Crunchyroll and HBO Max
Light Novel Information First volume released on January 24, 2014

Release Date of Re: Zero Season 3

Right now, there is no news about when Re:Zero: Season 3 will be out. The show isn’t known for having a lot of seasons because it takes time for each renewal to be announced, but if we had to make a rough guess, we’d say fall 2024 is a good bet.

Re:Zero Season 3 release date

Re:Zero is a very popular anime with a very dedicated fanbase, so we don’t think it’s impossible that there will be a third season.

Cast: Who Will Star in Re: Zero Season 3?

Characters and actors in Season 3 of Re:Zero: In this part, we talked about all the main characters, the cast, the people who worked on the animation, etc. Find out all about the people who made Re Zero season 3 here.

Character Japanese Vocie English Voice
Subaru Natsuki Rie Takahashi Sean Chiplock
Emilia Yuusuke Kobayashi Kayli Mills
Rem Inori Minase Brianna Knickerbocker
Ram Rie Takahashi Ryan Bartley
Beatrice Satomi Arai KIra Buckland
Puck Yumi Uchiyama Erica Mendez

Spoiler: What Will Happen in Re: Zero Season 3?

Season 3 of Re:Zero will start with the “Stars that Engrave History” light novel arc. This is the fifth official arc of the light novel, and it starts in volume 16. It also has about 12 chapters, so the third season will probably have at least 12 or 13 episodes.

Re:Zero Season 3 release date

Emilia and her friends go to Watergate City to see Anastasia, but while they are there, the Witch Cult moves in and takes over the city. Now that his friends are trapped, Subaru tries to get all the nearby tribes to work together to free them.

Where to Watch Re: Zero Season 3

The first season of the anime can be watched on a lot of different services, but the second season isn’t as easy to find. With this in mind, it’s likely that Re:Zero: Season 3 will only be on Crunchyroll and HBO Max. But don’t believe everything that is said, because nothing is set in stone yet.

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Re:Zero is one of those rare isekai gems that only come around once every few years. It’s easy to see why demand for a third season is going through the roof. The creators have said they want to keep going with the series, so fans hoping for a new season should be in luck.

What Light Novel is Re Zero Anime on?

Re:Zero Season 3

After the web novel came out, on January 24, 2014, the first volume of the successful light novel series Re:zero, illustrated by Shin’ichir Tsuka, was released as an anime. As of June 2022, there have been 30 volumes, five volumes of side stories, and seven collections of short stories. Also, Nagatsuki and Otsuka started publishing short stories in Monthly Comic Alive starting in August 2016.

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