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Boston Strangler Release Date: Who Else is Starring in Boston Strangler?

Hulu and Disney Plus‘ Boston Strangler is the latest true crime story to get a twisty interpretation. Although the movie is based on the true story of Albert DeSalvo, who was given a life sentence for the murder of 13 women in Massachusetts in the 1960s, the film concentrates on two pioneering journalists who are desperate to put a face to the perpetrator.

Keira Knightley plays Loretta McLaughlin, the real-life journalist who broke the Boston Strangler story, alongside Jean Cole, played by Carrie Coon, in this film written and directed by Matt Ruskin (Crown Heights) and produced by Ridley Scott.

What can we expect from this one-time drama remake, even though the subject has been adapted numerous times (including in the classic 1968 film The Boston Strangler, starring Tony Curtis as Albert DeSalvo)?

Learn more about the Hulu and Disney Plus original series Boston Strangler below.

Boston Strangler Release Date

Launching globally on Friday, March 17, 2023, the one-off drama Boston Strangler will initially air in the United States on (opens in new tab)Hulu(opens in new tab) and in the United Kingdom on Star on Disney Plus(opens in new tab).

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Boston Strangler Plotline: What Can We Expect?

Reporter Loretta McLaughlin (Keira Knightley) of the Record-American newspaper becomes the first journalist to make the connection between the killings committed by the Boston Strangler. With each new victim, Loretta and her trusted partner, Jean Cole (Carrie Coon), try to go further in their investigation, but the pervasive misogyny of the time prevents them.

Nonetheless, McLaughlin and Cole courageously press on with the story, putting their own lives in danger to get to the bottom of it.

Loretta McLaughlin (Knightley), a reporter for the Record-American newspaper, is the protagonist of writer/director Matt Ruskin’s film The Boston Strangler. McLaughlin is the first journalist to make the connection between the murders committed by the Boston Strangler in the 1960s.

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As the body count rises at the hands of the serial killer, Loretta and her trusted partner Jean Cole (Coon) try to press on with their investigation, but the pervasive misogyny of the time makes progress difficult. Nonetheless, McLaughlin and Cole courageously follow the story, putting their lives on the line to learn the truth.

Before the launch of the film, ABC announced that they will produce a free, three-part companion podcast on all major podcast platforms. Former Boston Globe reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner Dick Lehr, who covered the Boston Strangler case and knew McLaughlin, will host the podcast.

Boston Strangler Cast: Who Else is Starring in Boston Strangler?

Boston Strangler also stars Alessandro Nivola (Amsterdam), David Dastmalchian (Dune), Morgan Spector (Homeland), Bill Camp (Joker), and Academy Award winner Chris Cooper (Adaptation).

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Keira Knightley, who has acted in films ranging from Pirates of the Caribbean to Bend It Like Beckham to The Imitation Game and Colette, plays journalist Loretta McLaughlin, who first reported on “The Boston Strangler.”

Is There a Boston Strangler Film I Haven’t Seen?

Based on the true story of the Boston Strangler and the 1966 book by Gerold Frank, The Boston Strangler is a biographical crime film that was released in the United States in 1968. Casting Tony Curtis as the murderous Albert DeSalvo and Henry Fonda as his victim John S., director Richard Fleischer helmed this thriller.

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