Solar Opposites Season 4 Release Date: Who is Starring in Solar Opposites Season 4?

Before the asteroid struck, life on Planet Shlorp was ideal. One hundred grownups… Wait, wait, what? No, we won’t be participating in that. The Solar Opposites season 3 guide was a lot of work, and no one appreciated the meta approach we took to writing it except me.

In other words, you don’t deserve my brilliance (Editor: I suppose we’re still doing the whole meta thing). Find out when you can expect to see Solar Opposites season 4 in this comprehensive guide.

Mike McMahan’s animated comedy Solar Opposites has been a huge hit with Hulu viewers as it follows a group of aliens who find themselves stranded on Earth and must learn to adapt to human culture.

The TV show combines ridiculous science fiction antics with standard sitcom clichés and a touch of meta-commentary. In all honesty, it’s just like Rick and Morty minus the cynicism.

Solar Opposites Season 4 Release Date

According to Digitalfix, Unfortunately, the premiere date for Season 4 of Solar Opposites is unknown as of January 2023. On the other hand, we can rest assured that our favorite Schlorpian family will be back for a fourth installment.

The fourth season of the science fiction show was announced by Hulu and Disney in 2021, a full year before the third season had even premiered. Based on the past release pattern, we can assume that the premiere of the show will take place in the summer of 2023.

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Even though Justin Roiland has been charged, Hulu has said that production on season 4 of Solar Opposites would continue as planned.

Solar Opposites Season 4 Cast Members: Who Are In It?

Thomas Middleditch, Sean Giambrone, and Mary Mack have all confirmed in interviews with Collider that they have recorded episodes for season 4, so it’s safe to assume that many of the other voice actors will also return.

  • Thomas Middleditch as Terry
  • Kari Wahlgren as Mrs Frankie
  • Rob Schrab as Principal Cooke
  • Sean Giambrone as Yumyulack
  • Mary Mack as Jesse
  • Sagan McMahan as the Pupa
  • Christina Hendricks as Cherie

What is the Plotline of Solar Opposites Season 4?

A fourth season of “Solar Opposites” will pick up right where the third left off. For the sake of their Pupa, the Schlorpians gave up their science fiction antics and settled into a more conventional way of life. It appears that things will start in the office where Terry and Korvo were formerly employed.

MovieWeb’s Mike McMahan said, “Season four finds the show has transitioned into a more traditional workplace comedy. However, rest assured that Terry and Korvo are incapable of making such an accurate promise.”

Then there are the fan-favorite side stories. Many viewers are probably wondering where The Wall’s beautiful side narrative is headed. In an interview with Collider at San Diego Comic-Con, McMahan reassured fans that more is on the way.

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“As for the plot of the fourth season, I can tell you that it involves Sherry dealing with the emergence of the theocracy in the wall. Like “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” the upcoming season takes place in a walled-off, theocratic nation during the cold war.”

It was also in Season 3 when the Silver Cops plot began. Collider spoke with executive producer Josh Bycel, who confirmed to them that more would be coming from the developing side narrative. “The silver police officers first seen in Season 3 will return. Upon entering, Mike announced, “I have this idea for Silver Cops and I have four seasons all set to go.” Season 4 of “Solar Opposites” is going to be a wild ride for fans.

Who is Starring in Return in Solar Opposites Season 4?

When it comes to sci-fi, Hulu is a firm believer in the works of the Schloprians. The streaming service reportedly renewed “Solar Opposites” for a fourth season in June 2021, about a year before Season 3’s premiere. Simultaneously, Hulu revealed that its original four voice actors would reprise their roles as the aliens for a final season.

Flaky and jovial Terry will be played by Thomas Middlemitch, while angry Yumulack and spacey Jesse will be played by Sean Giambrone and Mary Mack, respectively. Justin Roiland, the show’s co-creator and voice actor for grumpy boss Korvo for the first three seasons, was fired by Hulu after he was arrested on felony charges of domestic assault, according to Variety.

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Season 4 of “Solar Opposites” will likely also feature recurring and supporting cast members like Sagan McMahan as the infantile alien Pupa, Tiffany Haddish as the extraterrestrials’ ship computer, Aisha, and Sterling K. Brown as the captured and shrunken Wall residents Halk, Sister Sisto, and Cherie.

Solar Opposites Season 4 Review

According to Rottontomatoes, It’s not clear if Earth is terrible or fantastic for a family of aliens who has been forced to find refuge in the midst of the United States.

Who Are the Showrunners for Solar Opposites Season 4?

Justin Roiland, fresh off the success of his Adult Swim co-creation “Rick and Morty,” has arrived at Hulu with his next big gonzo, humorous sci-fi project, “Solar Opposites.” Both “Rick and Morty” and “Solar Opposites” executive producer Mike McMahan is acknowledged as co-creator of the alien comedy.

With three consecutive wins as Outstanding Animated Program for “Rick and Morty,” Roiland and McMahan have a strong case for Emmy recognition.

Both McMahan and Josh Bycel, showrunner of “Happy Endings” and previous employees of “The Mindy Project” and “American Dad! “, have contributed to the creation of the “Solar Opposites” and written multiple episodes of the series.

Since the premiere of “Solar Opposites” in 2020, McMahan and Bycel have worked together as the show’s co-showrunners. Season 4 will find them running “Solar Opposites” without their prior leader. As reported by Variety in January 2023, Hulu severed ties with Roiland after it became public that he was being prosecuted for criminal domestic abuse.

Where to Watch Previous Seasons of Solar Opposites?

If you’re a fan of the adult-oriented cartoon, you’ll be happy to know that there are three seasons plus Christmas and Halloween specials to tide you over until Season 4 arrives, which may seem like waiting for a Pupa to start terraforming a planet.

Thankfully, there is no need to go to remote parts of the galaxy. For those who want to relive the show’s many hilarious moments or for those who want to see the series for the first time, there are several options available.

Hulu is the only streaming service that includes “Solar Opposites” in their membership plans, so sign up today! Membership grants access to all entries and some bonus material.

Elsewhere, you may catch all of the first season’s episodes on various video-on-demand services. Purchases of individual episodes or the complete premiere season can be made via YouTube, Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu, and Amazon Prime.

Solar Opposites Season 4 Trailer

Take a look at the Solar Opposites Season 4 Trailer below:


Before the third season had even premiered, Hulu and Disney had already announced a fourth season. If we extrapolate the show’s release date based on its historical pattern, we get the summer of 2023. Hulu has stated that season 4 of Solar Opposites will continue to be produced despite the charges against Justin Roiland. For more details visit our website

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