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Is Aggretsuko Season 6 Cancelled? Get All Details Here!

We, as members of the working class, understand how frustrating a job can be. Our seniors’ daily jabs and peer pressure can be oppressive at times. Retsuko is one of these employees who is upset by her superiors and coworkers. In Aggretsuko, we see an aggressive Retsuko who is driven by anxiety and has grown weary of suppressing her anger.

Aggretsuko, one of the world’s top adult animes, has gathered millions of admirers. With such a large fan base, the issue of a prospective new season is often in the news. We all want to know whether or not Aggretsuko will return for a sixth season. Then, let’s dig up some answers!

Overview of Aggretsuko Season 6

Topic Information
Anime Name Aggretsuko
Season 5 (Final Season)
Release Date The final season was released on December 15, 2021.
Plot The anime revolves around a red panda named Retsuko, who works in an office and sings death metal.
Cast Retsuko is voiced by Kaolip and Rarecho in Japanese and Erica Mendez and Jamison Boaz in English.
Cast Haida is voiced by Shingo Kato in Japanese and Ben Diskin in English.
Character Other important characters include Director Gori, Fenneko, Director Ton, and Tsunoda.


Will There be Aggretsuko Season 6?

Before Netflix bought the rights to Aggretsuko, she was just one of the many characters that Sanrio had. Then Netflix took our cute little red panda and turned her into our favorite anime character. Set in a world where different animals stand in for people and live lives that are almost like ours. They go to work, talk about how they feel, and try to meet their own needs. Since Retsuko can’t say what she wants in the office, we’ve all started to understand her.

aggretsuko season 6

Aggretsuko is one of the most popular anime right now. Since season 5 just came out, everyone is only interested in one thing: will Aggretsuko come back for a sixth season? Not at all. The fifth season of Aggretsuko is the last one in the series. We’ll only be able to watch 5 seasons of this great show, which is a shame. There have been rumors that the creators might think about making a sixth season, but Netflix has said that season 5 is the last one.

Recap: What Happened in Aggretsuko Season 5?

Aggretsuko is a show about a red panda named Retsuko who works in a company during the day and sings death metal at night. No, she’s not doing this to make money or solve any other problem. Instead, she’s doing it to get rid of her anger. Her boss and coworkers often make fun of her, which makes Retsuko very angry. She then goes to a nearby karaoke bar to get rid of this anger that keeps getting worse.

aggretsuko season 6

In season 5, Retsuko and Haida finally quit their jobs that they were so obviously unhappy with. Haida is at the top of the punk rock scene, and Retsuko’s problems with self-esteem are getting better. Also, this season of Aggretsuko answers the most important question of the whole show: Will Retsuko and Haida finally get over their fears and tell each other how they feel?

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It looks like a lot of thought has gone into the big finish. They want to give Retsuko the happy ending she deserves and let her dream finally come true. No one knows why they are ending the show after only five seasons. We have no idea how they’re going to end a series with so many fans.

Cast: Who Will Star in Aggretsuko Season 6?

Rarecho has made a great series using the faces of animals and human emotions to show the problems we face at work. We have a large cast, which has helped make this comedy anime such a big hit. In Japanese, Kaolip, and Rarecho give Retsuko, our angry red panda, a voice. Erica Mendez and Jamison Boaz do the voices for the English version. Retsuko is a normal office worker in her 20s who has low self-esteem but gets better over time.

aggretsuko season 6

Haida is the next most important person in this anime show. Haida is a hyena who works with Retsuko. In Japanese, he is voiced by Shingo Kato, and in English, he is voiced by Ben Diskin. Like how Retsuko likes to sing death metal, Haida likes to listen to punk rock. He has a big crush on Retsuko, but he hasn’t told her yet, even though he’s had several chances. Director Gori, Fenneko, Director Ton, Tsunoda, and many others are also important to the success of Aggretsuko.

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