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Lookism Chapter 436 Release Date: Where To Read Chapter 436?

Are you also excited about the next Lookism chapter? Well, fret not! Daniel faces dangerous hurdles and enemies. And he has to use his mind and body to beat them. As he fights his way through a group of bad guys, he gets a phone call that sends him on a completely different path. What does he do when his enemy calls him on the phone? Here’s everything you need to know about when Lookism Chapter 436 will come out and what will happen.

In Chapter 436 of Lookism, Daniel will chase after a police officer. He has a lot of secrets to tell. This will give away a big part of the story and may change how Daniel’s family works. So, continue reading to learn more!

Overview of Lookism Chapter 436

Topic Details
Chapter Title Lookism Chapter 436
Release Date February 21, 2023
Platforms Webtoon, Naver, Kakaopage
Recap of Chapter 435 Daniel battles a gang of individuals and speaks with Kwak Jihwan. He falls into a trap and fights the “Dogman” and Kihwan’s men. He locates the gang boss, who turns out to be the cop he spoke with at the start of his tour.
Spoilers for Chapter 436 Daniel chases after a police officer who turns out to be his main goal. The officer reveals that he worked for Jihwan and gave him information about Daniel’s whereabouts. Daniel plans his next move to bring Jihwan to justice and end his criminal empire for good.

Release Date of Lookism Chapter 436

Lookism Chapter 436

This week, Lookism Chapter 436 will come out. Every week, Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage add new chapters. By February 21, 2023, chapter 436 will be out. On the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage, you can find the chapter. But the English translations might not be out for a while.

Recap: What Happened in Lookism Chapter 435?

In Chapter 435 of Lookism, Daniel was searching for Jinyoung Park. The chapter opened with him battling a gang of individuals who attempted to prevent him from completing his objective. His phone rang as he was carrying one of them. And he spoke with Kwak Jihwan, who had dispatched the individuals to intercept him. Jihwan was unaware of James Lee, yet he brought him up in discussion.

Lookism Chapter 436

After receiving the call, Daniel walked to the village hill and fell into Jihwan’s trap. He fought and overcame an individual known as the “Dogman.” In the meantime, Kihwan and his men attempted to ambush Daniel. He then enlisted the aid of his buddies Hudson Ahn and Jay Hoon to ambush them in response. They eventually located the gang boss, who turned out to be the cop with whom he had spoken at the outset of his tour.

Spoiler: What Will Happen in Lookism Chapter 436?

Daniel will be standing in front of the police officer when Lookism Chapter 436 begins. Now, he was his main goal. As he looks at the officer, his thoughts start to move quickly. How could someone he trusted be to blame for everything? Before he could ask any questions, the officer ran away, and Daniel followed. The officer is always just a few steps ahead of Daniel as they run through the dark, dirty alleys of the village.

Lookism Chapter 436

Just when he thinks he’s lost him, an officer with a knife jumps out from behind a trash can. Daniel quickly takes away his weapons and pins him down. As he asks the police officer questions, he finds out the shocking truth. The officer worked for Jihwan the whole time and gave him information about where Daniel was.

But he changed his mind and wanted to help Daniel get Jihwan and his gang in trouble. Daniel plans his next move with the help of the officer. In Lookism Chapter 436, he will bring Jihwan to justice and end his criminal empire for good.

Where to Read Lookism Chapter 436

Lookism Chapter 436 can be found on Webtoon, which is a great place to look. On this easy-to-use platform, people from all over the world can read a large number of comic series. It makes it easier than ever to read comics, thanks to its simple user interface and in-app purchases.

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