Spy X Family Chapter 76 Release Date, Time Zone Schedule And Many More!

Spy X Family Chapter 76 will be the next chapter to come out this week. The good news is that the new one will come out without a break. In the last chapter, we saw that all four students were getting awards for their bravery. Because of this, all of their parents were also asked to come to the ceremony. The next one will show how Damian’s mother feels about everything that has happened. So, here’s all the information you need about the new one.

In the next one, we’ll see Damian taking care of everything. His mom seems like the type who has mixed feelings about having a child. At the same time, she loves and hates Damian.

Overview of Spy X Family Chapter 76

Title Spy X Family Chapter 76
Release Date March 6, 2023 at 12 a.m. JST
Availability Viz Media, MangaPlus website and app, Shonen Jump+
Plot Recap In Chapter 75, four students received awards for their bravery and their parents were asked to attend the ceremony. Damian’s mother was absent, but she showed up at the end and had mixed feelings about her son.
Plot Spoiler The title and plot details for Chapter 76 have not been revealed yet. It will likely follow up on Damian’s mother’s appearance at the end of Chapter 75 and explore her complex feelings towards her son. Yor and Anya may also play a role in the story.
Author’s Break The release of Chapter 76 was delayed due to mangaka Tatsuya Endo taking a break to come up with new ideas. There was a month between the release of Chapter 75 and Chapter 76.

Release Date of Spy X Family Chapter 76

MangaPlus and VIZ say that the next chapter of Spy X Family will come out on March 6 at 12 a.m. JST. It will probably show what happened after the Red Circus Arc and after Anya found out about Melinda’s strange love for her son Damian.

The release of Chapter 76 will be delayed because the mangaka Tatsyua Endo is taking a break to think of new ideas. Since each chapter of Spy X Family comes out every two weeks, this break means that there was a month between the last chapter and this one.

Spy X Family chapter 76 is available on the official website of Viz Media, the MangaPlus website of Shueisha, the MangaPlus app, and the Shonen Jump+ app at the following times around the world:

Time Zone Date Time
Pacific Standard Time March 5 7:00 am
Eastern Standard Time March 5 10:00 am
Greenwich Mean Time March 5 3:00 pm
Central European Time March 5 4:00 pm
Indian Standard Time March 5 8:30 pm
Philippine Standard Time March 5 11:00 pm
Australia Central Time March 6 12:30 pm

Recap: What Happened in Spy X Family Chapter 75?

In the first scene of Chapter 75 of Spy X Family, a bishop was standing at the school. He was here to honour the four students who showed the most courage during the terrorist attack. Anya Forger, Becky Blackbell, Damian Desmond, and Bill Watkins were the last four candidates. Each of them got their own Stella star. Also, these kids got to meet their parents. And because of this, their parents were happy with how they did at the games.

Spy X Family Chapter 76

But it was interesting that neither Damian’s nor Anya’s parents had come to the ceremony. But just as Anya went up to the boy to spend a moment with him, Yor ran up to help her daughter. This is also when the boy saw his mother for the first time. Both of the women felt bad about being late to the event. At the end of the chapter, Damian’s mother had some very strange thoughts.

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Spoiler: What Will Happen in Spy X Family Chapter 76?

The chapter’s title and plot details have not yet been revealed. And this is a rare occurrence with SXF. In the final scene of the previous installment, readers witnessed an entirely different side of Damian’s mother. Some of her thoughts were sincere, while others were utterly repulsive. The woman’s absence from the event was clear upon her entrance due to her spouse. Something about the man forced her to cut off contact with her son.

Spy X Family Chapter 76

Now, though, even Yor and Anya have witnessed this aspect of the woman. Knowing her weakness, it will be intriguing to witness how the two of them interact in the conclusion. This could also provide insight into the life of Damian’s father.

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