The Hustler Season 3 Release Date: Why Was Craig Ferguson’s the Hustler Canceled?

First shown on American television, The Hustler is a game show. Craig Ferguson hosts this series about five people competing for a $1,000 reward by correctly answering a series of questions. All questions are answered by one candidate who has been randomly selected.

In the end, the two truthful players were the ones to be booted. To prevent the Hustler from taking first place, the other two players must select him as their choice. From January 4 through September 23, 2021, ABC broadcast the series’ debut.

The most pressing question on our minds is whether or not The Hustler will return for a third season. Are you able to identify the Hustler? Does anyone know if ABC has canceled or renewed The Hustler for a third season? All the latest information on The Hustler will be provided in this post.

As fans, we understand your eagerness to learn more about season three of The Hustler. Keep reading, and let’s have a peek at what we’ve found for you so far. Well, so let’s begin.

The Hustler Season 3 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

According to Latestseries, There’s terrible news for you if you’ve been anticipating season 3 of The Hustler. Season 3 of The Hustler will not be returning. That is one of the most shocking revelations that a popular show like The Hustler has been canceled. The cancellation came as a shock to fans who were eagerly awaiting season 3.

Title The Hustler Season 3
Network ABC
Release Date Not Announced Yet
Genre Game show
Host Craig Ferguson
Executive Producers Richard Bacon, Jimmy Fox, Wes Kauble, Phil Parsons, and Craig Ferguson
Main Cast Craig Ferguson, Contestants
Episodes 10

Ratings for Season Two of The Hustler

Live+same-day viewership for the second season of The Hustler was an average of 1.74 million viewers, with a 0.29 rating in the 18-49 demographic. There was a 44% decline in the key demographic and a 40% decline in total viewers compared to Season 1’s live+same-day ratings.

Why Was Craig Ferguson’s The Hustler Canceled?

Three months after its initial airing, The Hustler has already been renewed for a second season, set to begin airing in April 2021. Even more impressively, the second season of the show launched on ABC just over five months after the first episode had aired. Needless to say, a second-season renewal with such a short turnaround is quite unusual.


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It was obvious that ABC appreciated having The Hustler on their roster after two seasons broadcast between January and September of 2021. Fans waited months to find out if a third season of The Hutler had been approved, but in the end, the show was canceled. Many viewers of The Hustler were confused by the news of its cancellation in 2022, especially since the show had already aired two full seasons by 2021.

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The cancellation of The Hustler can be attributed to the fact that no one was watching, as stated in an article on From what I can tell from reading that story, The Hustler’s second-season ratings were down by a whopping 40% overall and by 44% in the crucial demo.

It should be enough to cancel the show, if not anything else. Nonetheless, it might be claimed that the low ratings for The Hustler were the result of the show’s hasty return and a lack of promotion.

What Does The Hustler’s Cancellation Mean For Craig Ferguson?

The cancellation of a show is bad news for the bank accounts of the actors involved. Thankfully, Craig Ferguson has a lot of money and doesn’t have to worry about money very much. While Ferguson isn’t in dire straits monetarily, the cancellation of The Hustler may have been a major blow nonetheless.

Craig Ferguson stated that he went through a “tough” time after he departed from The Late Late Show, even though he was the one who decided to go. Hence, it’s reasonable to believe Ferguson was depressed after being fired from his position as host of The Hustler.

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After all, Ferguson has previously admitted that he enjoyed hosting The Hustler, and he wasn’t the one to decide to leave. Even then, Ferguson has repeatedly shown that he is a survivor, so it is only a matter of time before he reimagines himself once more.

The Hustler Season 3 Plotline: What Can We Expect?

There are ten multiple-choice questions and four others without. Often, they pertain to some aspect of Hustler’s biography, and his tip is revealed in response to the corresponding question. The illustrations can be seen throughout the program.

Every question is given to the team with only one minute to come up with a solution. The Hustler learns what he needs to know in time to put it to good use. If the players don’t figure it out in the allotted time, they get more tries, but if they fail, they lose all their cash.


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The bank might receive $10,000 based on the answers to the first nine questions, and the final question could double or halve that sum. By the end of the contest, the total might reach $180,000.

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After the third and sixth questions, one contestant is eliminated, and the remaining four must mark a name on a ballot containing five names to stay in the competition. The host collects the ballots and delivers them to the studio in a time capsule. The Hustler’s pick gets eliminated with no cash prize and the game is put away on a bookshelf if the Honest One votes against them

After the tenth question, the remaining three try to identify the Hustler by placing cards next to the person’s name with their chairs. They can change their vote within the allotted two minutes of debate. If the correct answer is given, the bank can be split between the other players or the Hustler can take it all.

The Hustler Season 2 Ratings

Season two of The Hustler averaged a 0.29 rating among adults 18-49 and 1.74 million viewers in live+same-day viewing (including all DVR playback through 3:00 AM). This is a 44% decline in the demo and a 40% drop in viewership compared to season one in the live+same-day numbers (including DVR playback through 3:00 AM).


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These numbers are a good indicator of a show’s success, especially when compared to others on the same channel, and do not take into account any delayed or streaming viewing. Shows with better ratings tend to be renewed while those with lower ratings are often dropped from the schedule, regardless of the state of the economy. See how The Hustler stacks up against the other ABC shows.

Where To Watch The Hustler Season 3?

ABC, the flagship property of The Walt Disney Company’s ABC Entertainment Group, is where the series The Hustler was first shown.

The Hustler Season 3 Trailer

Given that the producers have decided not to order a third season, where can we expect to see a trailer for The Hustler, Season 3? The trailers for the previous season are currently available on YouTube.


Hosted by comedian Craig Ferguson, each episode of The Hustler features five participants working together to answer ten trivia questions for $10,000 apiece, to generate a community prize fund that rises with each correct answer. For more details please visit our website

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