The Mist Season 2 Release Date: Who is the Cast in Season 2?

Produced by Dimension Television, The Mist is a Christian Torpe drama series. The show features the talents of Morgan Spector, Alyssa Sutherland, Gus Birney, and Danica Curcic. On June 22, 2017, The Mist debuted on Paramount Network. There has been only one season thus far. At this time, 20,804 users have given the series an average rating of 5.4 out of 10 on IMDb.

Unfortunately, the series has been officially canceled/ended by Paramount Network. The production of a second season is not in the works.

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The Mist Season 2 Release Date: Was It Cancelled?

According to, The Mist has been canceled by Paramount Network. The Mist will end after Season 1. However, we cannot rule out the possibility that Paramount Network is already planning for the following season. There are no current plans or air dates for Season 2 as of February 2023.

Show Name The Mist
Season 1
Release Date June 22, 2017
Network Spike (now the Paramount Network)
Genre Horror
Based on Novella by Stephen King
Creator Christian Torpe
Main Cast Morgan Spector, Alyssa Sutherland, Gus Birney, Danica Curcic, Okezie Morro, Luke Cosgrove, Darren Pettie, and Frances Conroy

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The Mist Season 2 Plotline: What Can We Expect From It?

During a severe rainstorm in Bridgton, Maine, artist David Drayton, his wife Stephanie, and their son Billy, eight years old, take shelter in the basement of their lakeside home.

The next morning, as they survey the damage, they notice a thick fog floating over the lake. When David and Billy need to go into town to purchase some supplies, they are joined by Brent Norton, a neighbor.

As people inside the supermarket watch police cars drive down the street, an onlooker called Dan Miller dashes in, screaming about a danger that may be hiding in the fog.

As a siren wails and fog rolls in, store managers Ollie Weeks and Bud Brown lock the doors.

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Bagger Against David’s advice, Norm walks outside to fix the store’s emergency generator, but something with tentacles grabs him and drags him into the mist.

If you believe screenprint Fans were disappointed when Spike decided to terminate The Mist after the first season ended.

David uses the rifle he stole from Ollie to shoot his son, Amanda, Irene, and Dan after they have given up hope and become completely despondent. He doesn’t have enough bullets to finish the job for himself. Instead, fearful and distraught over the loss of his son, he gets out of the car and begs monsters to kill him.

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Despite a promising beginning, “the Mist” lost viewers as the episode progressed. Spike decided to cancel the entire season after only ten episodes, receiving largely positive reviews.

The Mist Season 2 Cast Members: Who Are In It?

Audiences have been won over by The Mist ever since the first season debuted five years ago.

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Besides Alyssa Sutherland and Gus Birney as the Copeland parents, the cast also includes Danica Curcic as Mia Lambert, Okezie Morro as Bryan Hunt, Luke Cosgrove as Jay Heisel, Darren Pettie as Connor Heisel, Russell Posner as Adrian Garff, and Frances Conroy as Nathalie Raven. Morgan Spector plays Kevin Copeland.

The Mist Season 2 Review

The Mist, a TV series on Spike, was canceled after one season. The likelihood of a second season of The Mist is low since there has been no progress toward transferring the show to another network or site like Netflix. The idea of a Mist TV series has a lot of potentials, but Spike’s program botched it.

The show messed up The Mist by going the psychological horror route instead of including the terrifying monsters from the book. Another problem was that none of the main characters were particularly likable, which means that while the source material could be adapted again in the future, a second season of The Mist is quite unlikely.

There has been no word on a second season of The Mist from Spike since the show was canceled in 2017. However, there is an interest in the program continuing: a petition urging Netflix to bring the series back has over 20,000 signatures. It remains to be seen if this strategy will be fruitful, with viewers ultimately gaining answers in The Mist season 2.

The Mist Season 2 Trailer Details

Take a look at the trailer below:


The book and the TV program adaptation of The Mist don’t provide much detail about where the mist came from. The military experiment that went wrong and accidentally released on the community is only suspected, never proven.

Ending with the survivors observing a military train discharging people into the mist (effectively feeding it), Season 1 of The Mist set up a military plot as the main battle for Season 2. For more details visit our website

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