Imposters Season 3 Release Date: When It is Coming to Netflix?

Fans of the Inbar Lavi show Imposters are increasingly curious about the release date of season 3 on Netflix.

The first season of the show debuted on Bravo in 2017, and the second season debuted in 2018.

After that, Bravo decided to stop the show, therefore there will be no third season of Imposters (at least for now).

Fans of the show gather together every few months on Twitter in the hopes that Bravo or another network will pick up Season 3 of Imposters.

Imposters 3 Release Date

According to thetealmango, The popularity of shows like Imposters on television is increasing daily. At this point, with two seasons already shown, fans can stop speculating about a third.

TV Show Imposters
Season 3 Release Date Canceled
Network Bravo
Genre Dark comedy, drama
Main Cast Inbar Lavi, Rob Heaps, Parker Young, Marianne Rendón, Stephen Bishop
Executive Producers Paul Adelstein, Adam Brooks, Paul Bernard, and Rachel Skukert

Before, speculation suggested that the show’s renewal for a second season was already set in stone. On the other hand, the lengthening delays suggest the obstacles Imposters has had to overcome.

After a relatively short amount of time, Season 3 of Imposters was officially canceled.
A member of the cast of Imposters, actor Rob Heaps, has made a post.

That means you won’t be seeing #Imposters on @bravotv for a third season. This is just the way life is, and we’re all sorry about it. I appreciate our time together immensely. Now, negotiations over the show’s potential acquisition by Netflix are underway. Say something to @netflix if you want this to happen!

So, it explains two things, at least. First, Bravo TV has decided not to air Imposters 3, and second, Netflix may soon pick up the series. It’s going to be a while before that occurs, though. Several viewers and fans are dismayed by the news that the show will not be returning to Bravo TV.

There was a lot of talk about the show’s potential for widespread growth and new avenues of success. But Season 2 finished on a high note, so viewers weren’t left hanging.

Why Was It “Canceled”?

When a show is canceled, the excuse given is almost always “poor ratings.”

So, it was canceled due to a lack of viewers. With the show’s low ratings, a cancellation seemed inevitable. Fans are disappointed.

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The first season of Imposters attracted 4.4 million viewers, whereas the second season only garnered half a million.

Yet, that doesn’t negate the fact that the program might have been great.

When is Imposters Season 3 Coming to Netflix?

Whether or if there will be a third season of Imposters is unknown. If that’s the case, then you can look forward to the season becoming available on Netflix.

New episodes of Imposters have already been made available on Netflix a year after the show’s initial airing. Season 2 of Imposters debuted on Netflix.

Fans are craving Imposters 3

There was a huge spike in viewers after Season 1 of Imposters. As a result of expanding to YouTube, where it has received over a billion views, the financial rewards were enormous.

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As a web series, Brad Walsh and David Simkins’ Imposters had their beginnings on the internet. Subsequently, the show settled into its role as a television series in response to overwhelming demand. Twitter responses from Imposters fans could be shared with Netflix.

And then it’s time to get ready for Season 3 of Imposters.

Imposters Season 3 Cast: Who Are the Stars Cast in It?

Expected Cast of Imposters Season 3:

  • Inbar Lavi as Maddie Jonson/Ava/Alice/CeCe/Saffron/Molly
  • Rob Heaps as Ezra Bloom
  • Parker Young as Richard Evans
  • Marianne Rendón as Julia “Jules” Langmore
  • Mark Harelik as Arthur Bloom
  • Aaron Douglas as Gary Heller
  • Paul Adelstein as Shelly Cohen
  • Laura Archbold as Sophia/Rosa
  • Rachel Skarsten as Poppy Langmore
  • Anne-Marie Johnson as Gail
  • Jaime Ray Newman as Linda
  • Griffin Dunne as Herman
  • Mauricio de Montellano as Federale
  • Mikey Madison as young Maddie
  • Stephen Bishop as Patrick Campbell
  • Brian Benben as Max
  • Ray Proscia as Jeffrey Hull/The Doctor
  • Katherine LaNasa as Sally
  • Uma Thurman as Lenny Cohen
  • Denise Dowse as Auntie Colleen / Agent Cook
  • Adam Korson as Josh Bloom
  • Mary Kay Place as Marsha Bloom

Where to Watch Imposters?

Bravo has the show Imposters that you should check out. Both seasons of Imposters may be seen on Bravo. Assuming a third season of Imposters is officially confirmed, you can expect to see it on Bravo. What follows shall be seen.

Imposters Season 2 Review: What Happen in the Previous Season?

The second season of Imposters was well-received by critics. If a third season of Imposters is announced, I imagine it would be well received.

The second season of Imposters concluded with Patrick’s arrest of Maddie and the Bumblers saying their goodbyes and making plans to reunite in six months at the coffee shop beneath Jules’ Brooklyn apartment.

As a young child approaches him and asks, “Are you Mr. Puppy Dog Eyes?” Ezra throws the doctor’s burner phones down Niagara Falls. The youngster gives Ezra a message from Sofia, and they arrange to meet at a motel.

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Then Ezra asks Sofia if this is what she has always wanted while throwing her portion of the money on the bed. A while later, she confirms her earlier affirmative response and adds, “Come here.” A burner phone begins to ring as Ezra approaches the bed. What follows shall be seen.

The plot of Imposters Season 3 has not been updated. More information regarding Season 3 of Imposters will be included here when it becomes available. Thus, please make our website a regular stop for you.

Let’s discuss when we can expect to see the third season of Imposters.

How Many Episodes Are There in Imposters?

The television show Imposters consists of 20 episodes. There are ten episodes in both Season 1 and Season 2 of Imposters.

Imposters Season 3 Trailer

There is currently no Season 3 of Imposters trailer available. Since the confirmation of Imposters Season 3, its premiere date is approaching.

Watch the series’ official trailer, “Imposters,” together. The premiere was on January 6th, 2017, and Bravo released it. Take a look at the video down below.


Quick-witted and intriguing, Imposters is a black comedy about an eclectic group of people who become con artists — and eventually pals. Despite having a strong fan base and a high number of viewers, Bravo has decided not to renew Imposters for a third season.

Netflix has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a smart decision and acquire this show. The majority of viewers currently watch the show online, so this would be a huge boon for Netflix’s media dominance. For more details visit our website

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