The Marvels Release Date: Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige Interview for Movie Informations!

The release date, trailer, cast, and plot elements for The Marvels, Captain Marvel’s return to the MCU, are all included below.

The follow-up to Captain Marvel’s debut solo film will hit theatres in 2019. Since making her debut in the role, Brie Larson has reprised it several times, most recently in Avengers: Endgame.

Carol Danvers’s next outing, however, will be an intergalactic one that will build on Skrull’s mainstream success from the first film and address the fallout from the upcoming Secret Invasion TV series.

As Danvers continues her goal, we should expect to see many more returning characters. Therefore, without further ado, here is all we know about the upcoming Marvels movie.

The Marvels Release Date

According to Marvel, The release date of November 10, 2023, has been officially announced via the first official poster for The Marvels. The film’s intended release date was July 28, 2023, but it appears to have been postponed.

The film’s release date has been pushed back from February 17, 2022, when it was scheduled to debut, to February 17, 2023. The film’s release date was then pushed back to the middle of 2023 as it was switched to Ant-Man: Quantumania.

The announcement of Captain Marvel 2, the sequel to the 2019 film, was made back in January 2020.

The Marvels Cast: Who’s in It?

Of course, Captain Marvel herself is back, played by Brie Larson. But, Teyonah Parris’s Monica Rambeau, who debuted in WandaVision, will be joining her.

Monica Rambeau was rumored to have psi powers after being exposed to Wanda’s influence. In all likelihood, the film will delve deeper into this theme. Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time in this forthcoming film. Kamala Khan is slated for a significant part in The Marvels after winning over fans with her performance in Ms. Marvel on Disney+.

Movie Title The Marvels
Release Date November 10, 2023
Directed by Nia DaCosta
Produced by Kevin Feige, Mary Livanos
Screenplay by Megan McDonnell
Based on Characters from Marvel Comics
Starring Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, Iman Vellani, Zawe Ashton, and others
Production Company Marvel Studios

Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury will also return for the Captain Marvel sequel, in addition to the already announced cast members. No one on set, however, has confirmed this.

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Behind the scenes, the sequel’s script was co-written by Nia DaCosta (director), Megan McDonnell (writer/producer/executive producer at WandaVision), Elissa Karasik (Loki), and Zeb Wells (writer/producer at Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law).

The Marvels Plotline: What’s It About?

The film’s official synopsis, The Marvels, has been made public.

According to the document, Carol Danvers, nicknamed Captain Marvel, has avenged the Supreme Intelligence and recovered her identity from the oppressive Kree. Unforeseen repercussions, however, place the responsibility for a now-unstable cosmos on Carol’s shoulders.

Her talents become entwined with those of Jersey City super-fan Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel and Carol’s estranged niece Captain Monica Rambeau when her duties bring her to an anomalous vortex linked to a Kree revolutionary. To rescue the universe, this improbable trio must form a team and learn to work together as “The Marvels.”


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Most importantly, the final sequence of the Ms. Marvel TV series provides the clearest hint as to the film’s central subject.

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At the very end of the episode, just before Kamala Khan is shot backward into a pile of garments, the bangle she wears (and receives her powers from) begins to shine brightly. When the pile is uncovered, it is not Khan but Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers, who emerges with a bewildered expression on her face.

The connection between Monica Rambeau and Carol Danvers is expected to be a source of tension and narrative focus in this sequel since WandaVision has teased that Monica is disappointed that Carol Danvers wasn’t present more to assist look after her mother, Maria Rambeau.

Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige Interview for Movie Informations!

In September of last year, visitors at D23 were treated to the world premiere of the first footage from the highly anticipated film. According to the trailer, the new film will begin immediately following the closing credits of “Ms. Marvel” (which was directed by DaCosta). The video not only included the reappearance of the scene-stealing Flerken Goose but also showed Captain Rambeau in his role as an astronaut aboard Saber Space Station alongside Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).

A jump point perimeter is reached and, surprise!, she becomes Ms. Marvel. It turns out that whenever one of them uses their abilities, the roles are reversed; this time, Kamala Khan is wearing the spacesuit. After that, Fury and Rambeau go to Khan’s house, where the teen’s living room becomes the setting of a flurry of action-packed battle sequences.

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Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige gushed over the film in an interview with EW on Tuesday, calling it “amazing” and comparing certain parts to the original “Avengers.”

When Monica (Teyonah Parris), Kamala (Iman Vellani), and Carol (Brie Larson) are all in the same frame, “something enormously powerful” happens, as Feige put it. A frame with all six of them in it reminds me of the original “Avengers” film. One feels a chill as a result.

Is There a the Marvels Trailer?

Marvel does not yet have a teaser trailer. If you must have a refresher before the next Captain Marvel movie comes out, I recommend watching the original film’s trailer.


The upcoming film is a direct continuation of the 2019 release, “Captain Marvel,” which featured Larson’s Carol Danvers and grossed $1.1 billion as the first film in the MCU to focus on a female protagonist.

The new film, directed by DaCosta and based on a script by Megan McDonnell (“WandaVision,” the 2021 Disney+ series), expands the Captain Marvel universe by following the exploits of Monica Rambeau, who was first introduced as a child in “Captain Marvel” and who later became a superhero, and of Kamala Khan, a superfan of Captain Marvel who will star in her series in 2022. For more details visit our website

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