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Cruella 2 Release Date: What Can We Expect From Its Storyline?

It’s now expected that most films will serve as a setup for a follow-up. This is especially true when the film is a continuation, prequel, or spin-off of a well-known intellectual property from a company that routinely rakes in millions.

Yeah, we are discussing Disney, and more specifically, the backstory of Cruella from One Hundred and One Dalmatians, the villain most famous for wanting to kill puppies. No matter what you thought of the film itself (we rated it two stars), a sequel felt inevitable, just as we got a Maleficent sequel.

Cruella 2 Release Date

According to Digitalspy, Filming on Cruella began in 2019, however, the movie wasn’t released until May 2021 because of the current worldwide turmoil.

Topic Information
Film Name Cruella 2
Release Date Anytime in 2023
Studio Walt Disney Pictures
Genre Comedy, Crime, Drama

The most notable alteration was the film’s simultaneous theatrical and Disney+ Premier Access releases. It is unclear, however, if a sequel will stick with this model or instead be a theatrical release.

As sources told THR that McNamara wouldn’t be available to start writing until 2022, the earliest the picture may debut is 2023.

Cruella 2 Plot Details: What Can We Expect From It?

As a sequel to the predecessor 101 Dalmatians, Cruella 2 might be considered a sequel. Cruella has fully accepted her nasty persona, therefore the sequel may examine the next step of her path. Perhaps Cruella’s meteoric ascent to fame as a fashion designer will be the focus. There’s one thing you can count on, though. And here are some more Cruella-inspired fashion highlights.

Like in 101 Dalmatians, Anita and Roger must eventually find each other. The Baroness may have her final encounter with Cruella while serving time in prison. What, moreover, might occur if the Baroness were to discover the truth about Cruella? Wow, that’s what I call a juicy tale.


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In short, the film’s antagonist, the Baroness (Emma Thompson), is caught and convicted of murdering Estella (who didn’t actually die but instead escaped by parachuting from a cliff).

After discovering that Estella and Cruella are the same, the Baroness is arrested and loaded into a police car while yelling that she will exact her vengeance on Cruella (something no one else has managed to glean). This scene, not the one after the credits, is the most likely entry point into the film’s future sequel.

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The Baroness, who has usurped Cruella’s place and renamed her mansion “Hell Hall,” may break out of jail in the sequel or be granted her freedom (as per the Disney original of course). In One Hundred and One, Dalmatians, Horace, and Jasper (Paul Walter Hauser and Joel Fry) would have to return because they are still her minions.

Speaking of which, Cruella has already made itself a huge problem by repeatedly alluding to the existence of One Hundred and One Dalmatians without ever actually addressing Cruella De Vil’s obsession with fur. Meet Roger and Anita, who are friends of Horace and Jasper.

Roger is a lawyer by day (until the Baroness fires him) and a failing pianist by night. Estella/old Cruella’s school classmate Anita is a photojournalist for a tabloid-style paper (the latter fact is from the original film).

Roger and Anita, who have never met, receive Dalmatian pups named Pongo and Perdita from Cruella in a sequence that occurs after the credits roll. This not only solidifies Cruella’s connection to Roger and Anita but also distorts her relationship with the predicted 101 puppies.

To give someone a dog as a present and then kill its offspring is diabolical. So, how can Cruella 2 sidestep that issue without relying excessively on the Cruella we all know? It’s a tough situation.

The escaping Baroness may have planned to frame Cruella for the murder of puppies as a means of exacting her revenge. A sequel could employ Cruella to investigate the real-fur versus faux-fur debate, which wasn’t addressed in the original film (apart from the stunning costumes, of course).

Yet, there is the issue that this is a wholesale retcon of 101 Dalmatians in which Cruella’s main schtick is murdering puppies for their fur coats. There’s no real way around that, and retconning the original from the 1960s would feel dishonest and just plain odd.

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It’s unclear how Disney plans to proceed with a villain that eventually wants to slaughter puppies, but at some point, they’ll reach that point. When that happens, what they do is a mystery, but it serves as a reminder that the adage “leave sleeping dogs to lie” is not without merit.

Cruella 2 Cast Members: Who Are in It?

This video tells the backstory of Cruella de Vil, the villain made famous by Glenn Close in the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians. Cruella takes place in 1970s London, at the height of the city’s punk rock scene. In an earlier life, before she became known as “Cruella,” Estella was interested in the fashion industry.

After starting a new job with the Haute fashion designer Baroness von Hellman, Estella embarks on a quest to discover the truth about her mother, Catherine, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her disappearance many years earlier.


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To mock the Baroness, Estella invents the persona of Cruella and quickly becomes one of London’s most sought-after designers. To protect her career and her late husband’s riches, Estella’s birth mother, the Baroness, had her valet, John, kill her daughter. Catherine, the Baroness’s maid, was the recipient of the infant given to her by John. In the end, Estella faces the Baroness at Hellman Hall, and the Baroness pushes Estella down a cliff.

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Estella is unharmed by the fall because she has been preparing for it all along. The Baroness is being led away in handcuffs when Estella appears as Cruella. Cruella moves into the manor once known as Hellman Hall and changes its name to Hell Hall.

The infamous villain has only scratched the surface with Cruella. In the sequence that plays after the credits roll, we see that Cruella gives Anita Darling and Roger Dearly the two Dalmatian puppies everyone loves, Perdita and Pongo.

While only Emma has been officially confirmed for Cruella 2, the rest of the original cast will most likely return. It would be surprising if Cruella’s longstanding minions Jasper and Horace, played by Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser, didn’t return. If John was still residing at Hell Hall at the film’s conclusion, Mark Strong may return to that role.

Kirby Howell-Baptiste, as Anita Darling, and Kayvan Novak, as Roger, should both have expanded roles in the upcoming Cruella sequel. Anita’s role as a gossip columnist in Cruella is crucial to the success of the magazine. Estella’s childhood classmate Anita was also in their group.

The Baroness may be behind bars, but Emma Thompson may rest assured that she is not going anywhere quietly. After Cruella’s incarceration, the Baroness promises payback: “I’ll get even.” The Baroness hasn’t finished with Cruella yet, and she’s ruthless.

Even the crew members haven’t been made public yet. The screenplay for Cruella was written by Dana Fox and Tony McNamara, and the film was directed by Craig Gillespie.

Where to Watch the Cruella?

Disney’s most notorious and fearsome villain, Cruella de Vil, is a household name. She made her first appearance in the book by Dodie Smith, but it was the animated feature from 1961 that solidified her reputation as the epitome of evil. Moreover, the interpretations of Glenn Close and Emma Stone have ensured that the role will live on and bring laughter to future generations.

All this is a roundabout way of explaining that the sartorialist enjoys a life of luxury in the Mouse House. Seeing “Cruella,” the 2021 film in which Stone stars, will be a breeze if you subscribe to Disney+. Instead, “Cruella” can be rented for $3.99 from major streaming providers like Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, and Apple iTunes. On those streaming sites, you can also buy the movie for $19.99.


There is currently no set date for Cruella 2. Production of the film has not yet begun. Before the Cruella sequel begins production, Emma will begin filming a Showtime series called The Curse. Cruella 2 probably won’t be released to theatres until 2023. For more details visit our website

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