Invisible City Season 2 Release Date: What Happen in the Previous Season?

Netflix’s Invisible City rapidly became a fan favorite after its launch, presenting viewers with a world where Brazilian tradition and modern-day city life combine in surprising ways. The show centers on investigator Eric, who investigates a spooky death in the city and uncovers a subterranean realm inhabited by supernatural beings.

Many viewers are eagerly awaiting the premiere of Season 2, thanks to the show’s captivating plot, interesting characters, and beautiful cinematography. In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at the likely release date for Invisible City season 2, as well as the trailer, cast, prospective plot, and everything linked to it.

There is no confirmed premiere date for Season 2 of Invisible City at this time. After being picked up for a second season in 2021 and wrapping production in October 2022, we may expect to see Invisible City Season 2 sometime in 2023. As shown in the official teaser trailer, returning cast members include Marco Pigossi, Manuela Dieguez, and Alessandra Negrini.

Invisible City Season 2 Release Date

According to fictionhorizon, A premiere date for Season 2 of Invisible City has not been set as of yet. After being picked up for a second season the year prior, production on the show wrapped up in October of 2022. According to this data, season 2 of Invisible City will premiere in 2023.

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The official teaser trailer claims that Marco Pigossi, Manuela Dieguez, and Alessandra Negrini will all be making return appearances.

Invisible City Season 2 Cast: Who Are in It?

Most of last season’s performers will be back for more, and the teaser even indicated that Pigossi and Negrini would be returning to their original roles. Thus far, these actors have been cast in recurring roles in season 2:

What Can We Expect From Invisible City Season 2?

The Brazilian television series Invisible City aired on Netflix in 2021, and it is a supernatural drama. There are 7 episodes in the first season. Series protagonist Eric (Marco Pigossi) is a Brazilian environmental police officer looking into the death of his wife, Gabriela (Julia Konrad).

Sadly, Gabriela’s life was cut short in the Rio de Janeiro jungle by a creature that has since been declared extinct. When Eric looks more into Gabriela’s death, he discovers a hidden world of supernatural creatures from Brazilian legends, like the Curupira, the Saci, and the Iara.

Eric also meets Ines (Alessandra Negrini), a strong shaman who becomes his guide in this world, and Camila (Jessica Córes), a young journalist investigating the same case as Eric, who are all striving to prevent these creatures from being abused by humans.

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All season long, Eric had a hard time processing his wife’s death and the secrets she withheld from him. He also gains insight into the delicate equilibrium that exists between humans and the supernatural beings who share the world with them. Eric and his new companions get entangled in a web of corruption, greed, and black magic as they investigate Gabriela’s killing.

Without spoiling anything, the first season of Invisible City is an exciting and visually gorgeous journey through the mythology and folklore of Brazil.

The show delves into topics like death and bereavement as well as environmental concerns and the effects of human activity on the natural world. With a superb cast and a fascinating premise, Invisible City is a must-watch for fans of supernatural dramas and international series, and we know that international shows are something that Netflix excels at.

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But getting back on topic, Invisible City was met with generally excellent reviews upon its initial release and was renewed for a second season exactly one month after its premiere.

Invisible City Season 1 Recap: What Happen in the Previous Season?

In the first season, Eric (Marco Pigossi), a detective with the Environmental Police, becomes involved in a murder case after finding the body of a freshwater pink dolphin on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. He also learns that mythical animals that go unnoticed by humans live on another planet.

His wife Gabriela’s (Julia Konrad) untimely death leads him to begin studying similar cases, and soon he finds himself drawn into a group of supernatural entities. His discovery of the deceased river dolphin spirit Manaus at the novel’s outset reveals that Manaus was truly his father and that he is himself a hybrid of human and dolphin DNA.

Invisible City Trailer Details

Below is the full progression of events. The second season of Invisible City was confirmed in 2021. The shooting wrapped up in 2022, and a teaser trailer for the new season premiered eight days ago.

The exact date of the second season’s release is uncertain at this time, however, it will likely be in 2023. You can watch the preview down below in the meantime.


Season 2 will attempt to resolve some of the questions raised by the season 1 finale’s cliffhanger. The nature reserve Belém do Pará is the setting for Eric’s resurrection in the teaser. We may also observe his daughter Luna (Manuela Dieguez) and Inês (Alessandra Negrini) prepared for action.

It appears that season two will focus on a conflict between indigenous people and prospectors looking to take control of Belém do Pará for commercial purposes. But, we can count on seeing a lot of mystery, a lot of Brazilian folklore, and a lot of Brazil’s stunning natural scenery on screen. For more details visit our website

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