Lace Season 2 Release Date: What Will Happen in Season 2?

When it comes to the problems of the wealthy and influential in Los Angeles, no one is more capable than Lacey, a prolific lawyer whose own actions frequently blur the borders between right and wrong.

Season 2 will have more episodes, including eight scheduled for release beginning in Summer 2023, with Antoine Harris (Ballers), Taylor Bynoe, and Mollie Dolcimascolo (General Hospital) returning to their supporting roles. Michelle Ebony Hardy and Katrina Y. Nelson, together with Adam Starks and Tracy Grant, serve as Executive Producers on “Lace,” which they co-created with Kemy Time Productions. It will be the directorial debut for both Keena Ferguson (Atlanta, Sistas) and Nelson.

In Season 2, Lacey faces her personal and professional anxieties head-on. The truth about Zoe’s parentage is being used against her, and her mother remains in prison despite having exhausted all of her appeals. Her assets have been frozen pending an FBI investigation, and the situation at McCullough and Associates has become tense as a result. Lacey has always considered herself a “strong black woman,” but she may be about to crack under the pressure of her growing list of adversaries.

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Michelle Ebony Hardy and Katrina Y. Nelson, co-creators of LACE, serve as Executive Producers on the show alongside Kemy Time Productions’ Adam Starks and Tracy Grant. Brett Dismuke and Nikki Love, are two ALLBLK execs.

Lace Season 2 Release Date

According to nextseasonontv, People’s anticipation for the second season of Lace increased after the conclusion of the first. Yet the most pressing concern is whether or not Season 2 of Lace will be produced. Fans want to know, “Why can’t Lace have another season?” after the previous question was asked. Lace will return for a second season without a doubt.

Topic Information
Show Name Lace
Season 2
Release Date Anytime in 2023
Network Not yet announced
Genre Drama

We have reason to believe that the release of Lace Season 2 will occur in 2023. We don’t know when it will be released at this time. The release date for the second season is set for the middle of 2023, which would put it around April/June of that year.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Lace Season 2?

Among the few certainties about the second season is that the show’s principal stars will return. A list of the principal cast members from the first season is provided below, though.


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Maryam Basir plays the role of Lacey McCullough, Skyy Black portrays Othello Charles, Tanyell Waivers portrays Britney DeVeaux, Mollie Dolcimascolo portrays Chelsea Gamble, Antoine Harris portrays Aaron Tuft, and Isaac Taylor Bynoe is Nora Tuft, Nate Walker is Daniel McCullough, Terrell Carter is Mark, Jordan T. Johnson is Benjamin “Benji,” and Stephen Montgomery is Captain Warren Sloan.

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Players include David Weisenberg as Attorney Richard Huffman, Ellana Barksdale as Big D, Andrew Oliveri as Frank Marzili, Ky Ziegler as Councilwoman Tahnee Jarvis, Tyler Abron as Kendra, Rodney Van Johnson as Rev. Barrington McCullough, Lizzie Peet as Sheriff Bobbi Olsen, Dru Perez as Scarlet Redd, Jack Impellizzeri as Peter Corbin, Ben Vazquez as Deputy Garcia,

Where to Watch Lace Season 2?

ALLBLK, the streaming service owned by AMC Networks, has premiered its new legal drama series titled “Lace.”

What Will Happen in Lace Season 2?

There have been no official announcements on the content of season 2, but it seems likely that we will see Lacey struggle with both personal and professional issues. The number of her opponents will increase, and we’ll witness how she must rely on her strength to continue defending herself.

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What Happened in Lace Season 1?

The protagonist of “Lace,” Lacey, is a well-known attorney. Even while she is adept at resolving issues for her customers, she is unable to do so for herself. Is there hope that Lacey will find a solution to her issues? If you watch the show, you’ll understand.

Is There Any Trailer for Lace Season 2?

There is no official trailer for Season 2 just yet, but we know it will exist and that it will premiere in 2023. Below is the teaser for the first season:


As of the 20th of February, 2023, neither The End nor its second season had been renewed. Listen in for breaking news and other updates. Would you like to be added to the show’s automatic update list? For more details visit our website

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